Site Not Available on GoDaddy Hosting

GoDaddy Hosted Website – Unable to connect

unable to connect to godaddy hosted website iconCan’t establish a connection to the server at www.***

  • The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
  • If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer’s network connection.
  • If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

Slow TTFB, Timeouts, No Connection, Database Errors on GoDaddy Hosting

google bot page load speed chartTime to first byte served (TTFB) often 15 seconds and longer, another 15 t0 60 seconds before the full page is loaded, Google bot page load over 4 seconds, “unable to connect to WordPress database”, unable to connect to website. Some of the ‘normal’ performance issues experienced by a client’s site hosted with GoDaddy.

Upgrade to Dedicated VPS or Server

The standard GoGaddy response to any performance related problems seems to be “you need to upgrade your hosting to a dedicated server or VPS”. Rubbish! The site discussed is not getting 10 000 or 50 000 visitors a day – Traffic is normally quite low – under 100 visits a day on average, but does get sporadic traffic over 1000 per day – so far a max on 2600 in a single 24 hr period. It does get a lot of Googlebot visits – up to 560 page crawls a day.

This sort of traffic is not excessive for shared hosting; my own 3 sites on a single domain – on low cost shared hosting – get around 1000 visits a day, and pages load in under 2 seconds – usually under 1.2 seconds.

Maybe GoDaddy penalises the site for those few sporadic ‘high’ traffic events, and for having Google crawl a lot of pages!

Impossible to Admin GoDaddy Hosted Site

It’s become impossible to perform routing site admin, create new content, edit existing content. Nearly every time an admin page is requested, the ‘cannot connect to’ error happens. The only way to load admin pages is wait a minute or 2 between requests. This gives me the impression GoDaddy is filtering traffic requests, maybe limiting repeated requests from a single IP by a minute or some other arbitrary time.

This ties in with their Euro based servers which recently had traffic filtering activated after heavy denial of service attacks. But it’s not O.K. Customers pay for their hosting, they deserve unrestricted access to their sites for everyone.

Other sites hosted with GoDaddy have the same problem – over the past several days I’ve found some GoDaddy hosted sites completely unavailable, or experiencing time-outs when loading pages. Not all of these were on massively overloaded servers typical of GoDaddy shared hosting either – at least one was hosted along with only about 220 other sites (probably a VPS premium hosting package.

Good-bye GoDaddy

This rotten performance cannot continue. The site will move to a new host in the next few days to a decent hosting company…

If there’s a hosting service worse than GoDaddy I’d be surprised. Every website and blog owner using their hosting service should put their money where their mouth is and move their site to a hosting company that has well set-up servers, and doesn’t filter requests for their sites. It must always be up to the site owner to deny access or re-strict traffic themselves, at least within the limits of shared hosting

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  1. Dear Mike:
    My business partner and I just read your blog post. We are currently facing problems with Godaddy and would like to seek some advice from you due to your prior experience with Godaddy. To help you understand our situation, here is the e-mail my business partner sent to Godaddy yesterday. We are awaiting for their reply. We are also seriously considering changing server. So, any advice from you will be greatly appreciated:

    My domain has been shut down by Godaddy. I just finished a 47 minute call with one of your Customer Service Agents – Shane – who was not able to tell me the reason behind shutting down a paying customer’s domain. I Quote Shane: „Your website is down because our Networking Operation Team is filtering traffic from your website for security reason.” We asked what security reason and how come we are not aware of it? He could not answer, nor was he willing to refer us to someone who could. He said: “There is no one else!”

    I request answers to the following questions:
    – – Why has godaddy shut down our website without notifying us?

    – – Why is godaddy Network Operation Team filtering traffic from our website?

    – – According to our contract with GoDaddy, please refer to the paragraph that states that godaddy reserves the right to shut down our website without prior considering the fact that we have not done anything illegal.

    – – When will godaddy reactivate our website?

    – – We request a monetary reimbursement from Godaddy for the time that our website was down + lost sales revenue.



    • I’m sorry to hear about your experience with GoDaddy hosting. As you no doubt gathered from this article, GD is not one of the hosts I recommend (for several reasons).

      My recommendation – in a nutshell – is find another hosting service.

      Why Was the Site Shut Down?

      Let’s look at the reason claimed for shutting down your site “Your website is down for security reasons”. Fair enough, hosting services always reserve the right to take action if there’s a security problem with a hosted site. This applies especially with shared hosting, when a security issue could affect other clients, and/or the server itself.

      While the host reserves the right to take action, they should also contact the client immediately and explain why the site was suspended. A vague answer “for security reasons” is not an answer. At the very least you should have been told what the security problem was e.g.

      • Vulnerable scripts had been found, maybe because the site was hacked and malicious scripts uploaded, or the site itself used vulnerable code that put the site/server at risk.
      • Content on the site was considered a security risk. An example would be a site providing tech information for hackers.

      (I’m not suggesting any of these were the reason for GoDaddy to shut down the site, just giving an example of a valid reason for a host to take this action).

      You should have been given sufficient information to take your own action to repair any detected problem.

      I agree with you that you should be reimbursed for down time. If they had provided a valid reason (with details) then it may be a different matter.

      What Other Host

      As I’m now providing a managed hosting service for WordPress sites, I cannot really recommend any other hosting company. I’m not impressed with the “big-name” hosts I’ve had experience with – they do offer very cheap rates, so-called “unlimited” this, “free” that… There are a number of hosts I wouldn’t go near…

      With that said, the sites we host in the USA are on GNAX servers (GNAX is not geared for end-user shared hosting, so unless you want/need a private VPS and the hassle of setting up and running a server you would need to use a 2nd or 3rd tier service that offers hosting on this network). However I’m extremely happy with the performance of our sites on these servers.

  2. Having same problems with Godaddy. My website has been down for almost a week. Going to say good bye to them and farewell to godaddy’s “Award Winning Customer Service”

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