Does GoDaddy Restore Website Database

 GoDaddy Restores Website Database Without Asking?

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I wonder how many others have noticed something odd happening with their WordPress sites hosted on GoDaddy. By odd, I mean you make changes e.g. delete fix or captured 404 errors, activate a new plugin or update a plugin and so on, then the next day you go back to the site, and all the changes are gone – the same things fixed yesterday still exist?

There are only two things I can think of to cause this to happen;

  • Sites using distributed servers are not updating (unlikely with basic shared hosting)
  • the hosting company (GoDaddy) is restoring the site and/or database from a backup (most likely)

Restored Database Smaller than Last Live Database

Here’s some evidence; without any user/admin intervention, the size of the WordPress backed up database is smaller the following day

chart showing database smaller after unwnated restore

Look at the database backup size for March 26 – 3.92MB, then compare to the automatic backup for March 27 – 3.26MB… Then have a look at the manual backup for March 28, after performing most of the site admin carried out between  March 26/27 – 3.85MB.

There’s no possible way the database got smaller by itself between March 26 and 27. No other administrator performed any actions during this time. The only possible answer is a database restore was done. Similarly, the database got smaller again between March 20 and 21. This sample is only for a few days – this has happened regularly.

Makes no Sense

This makes no sense whatsoever. If this is happening, why is it happening? Maybe the server has a problem, and all the hosted sites are restored from the latest available backup. But servers don’t have problems regularly. And surely, the common sense thing is to backup the server before doing maintenance so all the sites are as up to date as possible.

Even if a database server restore was required, surely a professional hosting service notifies the clients, even if it’s only a status update on their website or in the client zone. But then maybe GoDaddy is only interested in up-selling their services, as one see from the really awful hosting management interface they provide, which is more about upgrading packages and selling domains than providing a useful management tool for customers.

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  1. As a follow up –

    Yesterday I updated 3 WordPress plugins and deleted a whole batch of automatic 404 errors captured over a week.
    Today, the updated plugins had gone – reverted back to the earlier versions, and the 404’s were all back again…

    Well, this will be the last info I will have on this subject – the client’s site got moved later today to a new host… I’ll leave it to someone else to figure out why GoDaddy is restoring old site files and databases.

    This GoDaddy practice cannot be good for SEO, apart from the annoyance factor. Write a new post today – Google indexes it, and a few hours later the post is gone because the hosting company does something weird

    Makes no sense whatsoever

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