WordPress 3.6 Due

WordPress 3.6 Delayed but Still Due in April 2013

The release of WordPress 3.6 has been delayed for 2 weeks, but is still expected for public release by April 29th! The release was pushed back to allow beta testers more time to find and report bugs in WP 3.6 core. As far as new features go,  no more new features or functions will get added after March 27. At this point the beta will be released for developer testing.

What to Expect in WP 3.6

These are some of the possible new features we may see in WP 3.6

wordpress 3.6 iconPost formats UI: Post formats UI in WordPress 3.6 will change. The UI (User Interface) itself will be revised to help users better understand a particular post format.

Several sources of inspiration will be worked in, in particular CF Post Formats by Alex King, wordpress.com UI and the famous Tumblr interface. What we can expect from WordPress 3.6 (webdesignerdepot.com)

How will this affect us? If the changes to the media manager are anything to go by, the change will not be good for those of us using WordPress for a website CMS. We can probably expect another dumbed-down interface (which hopefully WYSIWYG editor developers will be on top of before this version is released).

Autosave and post locking:

  •  “WP Heartbeat” API: a relatively simple API that sends requests to the server every 15 seconds and triggers events on receiving data.
  • Post locking: prevents conflicts and loss of data due to possible simultaneous editing of a post. The UI and notification system will be improved.
  • Autosave to the local storage: will prevent loss of user data between saving post revisions to the database.
  • Login expiration warnings: will prevent loss of data due to cookie expiration

This looks like a good idea, especially “Autosave to local storage” Since 3.5, I have sometimes lost editing in progress revisions when updating. This has mainly been an issue with this WordPress.com blog, and one of my customer’s sites.I haven’t had this problem with my own hosted sites however.

Editorial flow and revisions: This new feature will provide the collaborative workflow already available with the Edit Flow Plugin. How it will work remains to be seen. Hopefully if it’s not as comprehensive as Edit Flow, it won’t cause any problems when this plugin is installed – and more hopefully, won’t lose existing workflow data saved by the plugin.

Menus: Proposed changes to the menu UI, possibly introducing a “tabbed window” approach.

Distraction-free writing: Some proposed improvements to the DFW feature introduced in WP 3.2.

Code maintenance and architecture: Hopefully we can expect improvements to caching and performance, and some database related things e.g; changing mysql_ functions to PDO extensions and removal of the UNIQUE constant.

Performance improvements are always welcome; hopefully the problems WP 3.5 introduced for every previously reliable caching plugin will be overcome, so caching plugins including W3TC, SuperCache and QuickCache will once again work reliably (None of my WP sites are using a later version of W3TC than 2.1.7 as all later versions of this plugin are badly faulty). QuickCache simply doesn’t work with WP 3.5…

The database changes are likely to cause havoc with existing plugins, and no doubt will cause even more problems for site owners depending on complex plugin functions.

Be Wary – Wait before Updating

I’m going to set the cat among the pigeons and say “do not update”. At least wait until all the themes and plugins in use on your site are proven WP 3.6 compliant. If you are using WP 3.4.2 or earlier because 3.5 caused too many problems, the don’t update WordPress as there is no mention of fixing the bugs caused by the change of JavaScript integration introduced in the 3.5 thread. (Setting JavaScript to load in the footer section is great for performance, but it doesn’t always work if you have functions relying on Java for display and interactivity. Often JavaScript must load before the content in order to work properly).

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