Another WP3.5 Site Backdated

One More WordPress 3.5 Series Site Goes Back

I’ve just had to backdate another WordPress 3.5 series (WP3.5.1) site to WP 3.4.2. This time it was for the media manager which the client decided he really couldn’t live with.

“I’ve got peculiar links all over my blog to posts that don’t exist, e.g. mydomain/anotherdomain/post-title/!” “Has my site been hacked?”

thumbnail image for another wp3.5 site backdated

After a quick front-end survey of the site, my answer; “No sir, your site hasn’t been hacked. WordPress is adding your domain to incompletely formatted outgoing links in your posts.”

“When you add outgoing links, do you always include the full http: //www etc string?” “It’s easy to fix, just go back to every post with outgoing links and make sure the full http:// is included. “

“But I’ve got hundreds of posts, isn’t there something else we can do? I never had to do that before. I thought WordPress did it for me!”

“Yes sir, you can revert back to the last version of WordPress that didn’t have that feature!”

“I don’t know how to, how much will you charge to do it for me?”

Great, I get some Business and a New Client

Nice, my new client spends $600 on fixing someone’s idea of a ‘good idea’. Hey, I’m not complaining, it’s money in my bank account. But I feel sorry for the client. His blog is not a commercial site, so it’s his own cash he had to spend.

Perhaps the cynical would say it’s his own fault for not using the full outgoing link instead of only www. etc, or if he is too lazy to go back and fix his own mistakes, then he should pay. But how many bloggers are also web-tech fundis?

Not the Only Compliant

The customer also had some other gripes about the image manager, and a few more things;

  • My images don’t have titles (tool tips) when I insert them
  • I get all the latest images instead of only those I loaded to use with each post
  • My sidebar menus don’t work properly anymore (Java menu)
  • The blog is very slow (QuickCache not working)

After my several hours work, the blog is back to where it was in December last year, working properly, and a disgruntled WordPress user is at least happy with the result.

My own Thoughts on WP3.5

Readers may have read my other articles on the WordPress 3.5 series and concluded I don’t like it. They are largely correct. The transition from WP3.4.2 has caused problems for every updated customer site. Some have been minor and remain with WP3.5. A few have been devastating, forcing reversion to the earlier WordPress series.

Both my own WordPress sites had problems; some plugin changes, several hacks and disabling some features solved most of the bugs. Yet minor issues remain. Even plugins updated recently for WP3.5 don’t always work correctly; the JavaScript bugs continue to break functions, and other problems keep on coming up. WP3.5 may have addressed some much-needed areas, but it just too different for an update.

Maybe a group of enthusiasts will arise to work on security and maintenance patches for WP 3.4.2

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