Website Down for Visitor Safety

Website Offline after DoS Attack

My Drupal website,, remains offline today following yesterdays JavaScript injection / denial of service attack. I decided to take the site offline to ensure the safety of visitors while I check the site for any malware. My hosting service technicians are also examining the server for any possible faults or configuration problems. Other sites on sub-domains of were affected at times, and further disruptions of service are expected.

website affline after dos attack graphic imageThe DoS (denial of service) attack began in the early hours of January 24 2012 and continued for nearly 2 hours. During this time thousands of attempts were made to inject JavaScript redirect code into the website (there are too many related entries in the log to count). Although initial inspection showed no successful hack, I felt it prudent to take the site down until certain no malware or other bad stuff had been included.

Worst Attack to Date

This latest attack on the website/domain is the worst yet experienced. While all my sites constantly receive hack attempts – mostly the usual WordPress exploits attempts every website is subjected to – None have caused so much disruption, or been so intense. The DoS attack swamped server resources, preventing even regular house-keeping process, e.g. cron, from running.

The only known damage was a PHP configuration error preventing Drupal from loading required scripts. This error was fixed late yesterday afternoon, and the site was briefly online for testing before being taken offline again.

More Information

The domain is up and in full service again. Several issues discovered kept the entire domain down for around 60 hours. Read more about the DoS attack

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