Don’t Update to WordPress 3.5

WordPress 3.5 Causes Problems – Don’t Update

wordpress 3.5 bug cartoon imageBe very careful before updating to WordPress 3.5, it may break vital systems. A number of plugins and themes are partly or totally incompatible with WordPress 3.5 at this time. If you have advanced features and commercial themes wait until you are certain these are fully WP3.5 compliant before upgrading, or you could lose these functions, and lose business as a result.

If you are starting a new blog or website WordPress 3.5 is fine… If your existing blog uses a default WordPress theme like TwentyEleven, TentyTwelve or TwentyTen, and only default or 3.5 proven plugins, then probably it’s OK to update. If you have extended functions on the front end, be wary, be very wary!

Problems with WordPress 3.5 – Reverting to Earlier Version

Too many problems with WordPress 3.5.  I have backdated the first client site to WordPress 3.4.2. Simply put, WP 3.5 is not compatible with several crucial systems used by the client’s site. Most serious of these is the MLS account access. Users have been unable to login to their accounts, save searches or even create new accounts since the update to WP 3.5 in late December.

animated bugYes, the problem is a compounded theme/plugin incompatibility, which neither the plugin developer nor the theme developer seem able to fix, or maybe they just couldn’t be bothered! Considering both the theme a vital plugin are commercial themes, and the MLS service is expensive, bugs should have been fixed long before WP 3.5 was released  – after all, release candidates and beta versions were available for ages. Read more about this WordPress 3.5 Error

However the client was losing business, so WordPress 3.5 had to go. Fortunately reverting from WP 3.5 was painless and the site was offline for only about 60 minutes, and is back up, and all functions working as they should.

Reverting from WP3.5 to 3.4.2 is an easy if time consuming process. Read my guide to reverting WordPress here

Java Bugs

creepy crawly bugA significant number of bugs have so far been reported in plugin and core forum posts. Most are JavaScript related – and we all know WordPress 3.5 has made changes to the way Java is handled. Maybe saying a lot of bugs is wrong – at the time of writing, WordPress 3.5 has been downloaded over 4.8 million times, and there are nowhere near that number of bug reports.

After enabling WP_DEBUG, 3 errors were found with Java files – the problem seems to lie with the new enqueue_scripts method used in 3.5 – in my opinion anyway. A host of function warnings were also generated.

Some popular plugins with WP 3.5 problems include JetPack – although Automattic claim the latest version fixes the bugs (at least the Photon bug has been fixed), and BulletProof Security which is not supported at all!

A Case for Parallel Versions

I think WordPress 3.5 should have been released as a new major version, instead of a sub version. Maybe it could have been called WordPress A1.0 (A for Accessibility – one of the things that involved  major changes to image handling). I’ve written about the new image handling system before, so I’m just going to emphasize my opinion – I’m not impressed at all.

And the 3.4 series could be left as is with only security maintenance updates or patches ala Drupal 6 – with only 3.4 series update notifications appearing. This, to my mind, would be a better way of handling the changes to core.

Core Updates Off:

I’ve disabled WordPress core update notification nag from appearing on the site. (Disable WordPress Core Updates Plugin does this easily). This is probably a good idea for administered sites – stops user admins deciding to “help out” and run the update!

I’m tempted to also revert my own sites to 3.4.2, maybe leaving one at 3.5 as a test bed. We’ll see…

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