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Now we Get Auto Hyperlinks – Bad News automatic hyperlinks thumbnail imageText gets turned into hyperlinks automatically. I just discovered this annoying thing that’s part of the latest version of WordPress used by – WordPress 3.5. Type the text for a URL and the darn thing turns into a hyperlink when published. That’s right, you don’t have to click on the link function in the editor, so no options to add target info and title… No options not to create the hyperlink…  Arrgghhh!

Maybe it’s handy for the terminally lazy, but it’s bad news for SEO. And what about the bloggers who write about malware and bad websites, and want to tell readers about these bad addresses? They don’t want visitors to click a hyperlink, just want to inform people about the bad address. With auto-hyperlinks the information becomes an active link!

For example, this hacker information “Exploit attempt on WordPress GD Star Rating plugin”

unmanted wordpress auto hyperlink example infographic

This is possibly not the best example, but I think it does demonstrate what I’m trying to describe. If I’d posted that information as text instead of an image – it would be an active hyperlink – definitely not what I intended.

Own Domain Added to External Links

And how irritating is it when your own domain is added to a link to another site. How many of you are uesd to typing a link to another site thus “www. thesite .com”. WordPress link editor would add http: // before the www. or just add it as a bad text string – no active link!. Well, guess what, now you get this nonsense instead: http: //www.yourblog .com/www. thesite .com/article-url

Utter craziness! However decided to include this automatic link function should go read the advice from the publishers of top rated WordPress extensions about all these in-built features. These sort of functions should only ever be options; if built into WordPress core, then they should be off by default, with a choice to enable it. Or they can get added using a plugin if the option to turn it on or off is beyond the ability of the core developers

Auto Hyperlinking Not Good for SEO

If due care is not taken, these automatically created hyperlinks could devastate a sites ranking in Google. The example shown above is one link Google will not like that at all – links to bad websites are really bad news and can get your blog banned from the index!

How to Avoid Automatic Hyperlinks

The only way I know to avoid this happening on is add a space after http:  before the //, and similarly after www and before the .domain     or use an image – a lot of unnecessary work!

And What About Existing Text

What about existing text – If you’ve included similar text information in the past, will these now be active hyperlinks? I think they will be. So we will have to go back to every article likely to include an unwanted hyperlink, and edit them.

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