Slow Time


It’s The Slow Time for Blogs and Websites

slow time snoopy iconChristmas is here, and most bloggers and website owners will see reduced traffic for the next few weeks. People are on leave, kids on school breaks and this is the time of year to spend time with family. Businesses close in many parts of the world (at home in South Africa the 16 December is the traditional time staff get leave in all but consumer retail business).

As we know, most visitors to our blogs come during working hours. For those of us with business sites, potential new and regular customers are away from their offices. Even many on-line shop sites will see reduced volumes of traffic and sales at this time of the year. Christmas is a time people want to go to physical stores to select gifts, and all the other things to buy for the festivities.

Social Sites will be Busier

Social network sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and the others are more likely to be busier as people stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues. We can use these sites to drive traffic to our blogs – If you’ve become lax posting updates to the social networks, now’s the time to get social again. New posts will benefit, or even some of the golden oldies can get a new lease of life from a Facebook share.

Slow Traffic – Time to House Clean

Slow Time is time to house clean. We can look at older posts and see if they need updating. We can fix up any mistakes in content, and maybe even change the theme.

We can also create new content, and use WordPress scheduler to publish these posts when they are more likely to be read by a wider audience, after the slow time ends.

Those of You Working Through

Many of you may work through the holidays – I am one of you. The slow time is a good time to catch up on the things we’ve been too busy to do for the last 11 months. Get our own blogs and sites in order, do those outstanding updates we’ve put off for months. The paperwork! Tidy up the office – mine needs it badly.

Vigilance Required

This is for those of us in web support – Our customer may not be the first source of trouble for the coming weeks. We need to be even more vigilant about what’s going on with their sites. Hopefully nothing will go wrong, but how pleased will a customer be if we find a new fault (these things do happen) and fix it before the client sees the problem. Maybe that will be all that’s needed to renew a support contract for 2013.

The slow time may just turn out to be a very good time for us all.

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  1. That’s true. I, myself, have been getting less traffic these days.

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