WordPress 3.5 Image Manager

New Image Manager for WordPress 3.5

The new WordPress 3.5 image manager makes a change. First seen on WordPress.com (except for those of us who used the beta versions of WP 3.5 on test setups).

I wasn’t sure how I felt about this new image manager at first. It looks good, and the thumbnails are a decent size – and they resize when re-sizing the browser window. It’s easy to use too. But initially there seemed something was missing – the image URL, or link to the image. (I should have looked closer – or worn my specs!)

Having got used to the image URL in the link field, from the earlier image manager, I was looking for “http” etc, right clicking the thumbnails and everything else possible, and not finding the link… Then finally, staring me in the face – well almost – tucked away in the bottom right hand corner is the link manager – you need to scroll the overlay.

wordpress 3.5 image manager screenshot

Will the Clients Like the New WordPress 3.5 Image Manager

This will be the acid test for WordPress image management; will my clients like it, and find it easy to switch to after the olde version.  I’m waiting for the support tickets to start coming in! Or for my e-mail to go wild with complaints. Changes to WordPress interface can be daunting for the client who just want to get on with work, and not worry about the fiddly bits of WordPress.

The first reactions I received went along the lines of “What happened to the image manager?”, “Where are my image titles?” and “Why can’t I see the images I uploaded for an old post in the manager?” Those are polite versions…

After fixing the title bug, Explaining how to find image URLs and images only for the current post being updated, complaints stopped. I guess the users eventually got used to the new image manager.

How to use the Image Manager

Eventually I started putting the bits and pieces of advice together, and published a user guide. You can read it at “How to Use the WordPress Image Manager

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