Banned IPs

Banning the Bad Hosts

banning bad ips bad boy iconI’m a no-compromise banner. It doesn’t take much effort to get an IP banned from my websites. A single bad event will normally be enough to block access to my sites from an IP address. Several attempts from a range of IP’s with a common service provider will get the entire IP range banned, the hostname or domain banned.

Currently there are about 700 entries in the banned list – representing millions of IPs, and the list gets longer daily. I cannot recall a day this year when at least one new bad IP was not added to the list.

Sharing the Bad IP Info

Mostly these IP’s were simply denied access, and no record was kept about the reason for the ban. At one time I started keeping a record, then lost interest and lacked time to continue. So I decided to start again, this time publishing the info where I can get to it, and other bloggers can also find the details. So now it’s published as a page on this blog…

button link to list of banned ips

Maybe this list of “Bad Boys” will be useful to other bloggers as well – after all, prevention is better than cure.

Reasons to Get Banned

As stated, it’s easy to get banned from my sites. I will enforce a ban for any of the following reasons;

  • Attempting timthumb exploit
  • Attempting GD Star Rating exploit
  • Attempting WordPress Is-Human exploit
  • Trying to register a user account if there’s no link from the site
  • Trying to log in to site if no links on site
  • Hotlinking to images, java or style sheets
  • Plagiarism
  • Unwanted search engine spiders – I only want Google and Bing – the rest are not wanted
  • Rule breaking – spiders ignoring robots.txt rules
  • Comment Spamming
  • Spying – commercial spying services
  • Public Proxies – get real – if you want to hide behind a public proxy – I will hide my websites from you too!
  • Fake user agent (Browser summary)
  • No user agent – no access to sites
  • Any suspicious activity, innocent or not – If I think something’s wrong – BANNED

But I’m Innocent – Complain to Your ISP!!!

Sadly, many IPs are assigned to internet service subscribers. Nearly all of them are not undertaking bad activity, but one or two are, and everone using the IP gets banned. There’s nothing I can do about it. Take it up with your Internet Service Provider. Demand they clean up their act  – or put you money where your mouth is and get another service provider.

Some ISP’s are notoriously bad; USA based “Chicago Singlehop” is one of them. “France Roubaix Ovh Sas IP” is another… BANNED

Then There’s Undesired Regions

Some regions/countries are banned as soon as I associate an IP range with the region. These include Russia, China, Korea, Vietnam, Estonia, Romania, Moldavia, Ukraine, Latvia – most of Eastern Europe for that matter, Brazil and most of South America (non-English), Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and other far eastern regions.

And I don’t ban them because I dislike people from these regions – As far as Eastern Europe/Russian Federation etc goes, I am yet to see any worthwhile traffic from these regions. The same can be said for China and the Far East. All the traffic I see from these regions is bad – hackers, spammers and so-on. Brazil – every hit I’ve ever had on my sites from this region has been a hacker or a spammer.

Join the Banners

Install an IP banning plugin, or better still, open your .htaccess file and start banning bad IPs.
You won’t be sorry if you do, but you may be sorry if you don’t!

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