Why Do You Want a Website

Do You Really Want or Need a Website?

why want a website iconIs a question I find myself asking (silently) prospective and even some existing clients. It’s a terrible thing for a web-master to ask. I make a living (well try to anyway) from website construction, management and support. Yet I really think some companies don’t need a website. I know they don’t really want one, it’s just the thing to do.

A website is a responsibility; it needs frequent and regular updating, lots of content, a clear idea about what is expected.

The Worse Reason To Have a Website:

“We have to have a website, it’s expected today”. Right, at least part of that statement is true. I for one hesitate to deal with a business that doesn’t have a website. But this is not a good reason for a business to own a site. I hear this statement repeated by business owners all the time. Usually in a sentence “The website doesn’t bring us any business, but we have to have one”.

So they go to the expense and trouble of setting up a website; consisting of a front page, and maybe, just maybe, a contact page with telephone numbers and other contact information. And that’s where it ends. The site never grows, it ranks down around the 10 millionth place in Google SERP. It never brings in customers, because unless the customer already knows the business, and has a letterhead or business card with the web address, they will never find it. But it exists!

Content Matters

Tongue in cheek statement: Content matters – topics related to content or the importance of content. Why do I have to beg some of my clients for new content? And even then it all too often doesn’t materialise. It’s a matter of professional pride to me to get a new website into a good position in SERP. Then watching it fall off as competitors sites push their way up the results, simply because they have newer content.

It doesn’t take long for a site to start dropping position if new content is not added regularly. Two or three news articles, new products, or new anything each month is all that’s needed to keep the GOOD content in SERP.

I cannot create content for their sites – their field of industry is not always something I am an expert in… Their business – I only know what I’m told. I can write technical articles on electronics, radio communications and the web, but I don’t take on clients in competition to me. And I can write about fishing, and a few other things perhaps… But for my customers, I need them to give me the content – and tell me what the main key phrase is, or at least the main idea.

Managing a client’s web content is a two sided affair – The client needs to supply the material, and tell me what they want the  content optimised for.

The Rest is Just Technical

The back-end support is more one-sided – When I’m hired to provide back-end technical support for a site, it’s all about keeping the site running, the system up to date, fixing problems… I don’t need much input from a customer to keep this going. Unless there will be an additional cost involved in some procedure, I expect my clients to expect me to do my job.

So, why bother with a website if you are not going to use it to it’s full advantage?

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Why Do You Want a Website Anyway?

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