GoDaddy Server Attacked

DoDaddy Server Network Crashed by DDos Attack

gonedaddy - godaddy logoGoDaddy Hosting’s entire server network was taken down Monday Sept 10, 2012 by a Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) attack by a hacker. Most, if not all, websites hosted by GoDaddy were down for several hours. E-mail and telephone services were also affected

Exactly how many sites were affected. GoDaddy is one of the world’s largest hosting providers and domain registrar with more than 5 million websites affected by the outage, and peak downtime estimates suggest as many as 48 million websites were affected by the attack

Mail Online ( reports:

  • Web hosting giant hacked and all of the websites run through GoDaddy were shut down temporarily as a result of Monday’s attack
  • Service was eventually restored for the bulk of customers by 5:43pm (GMT)

GoDaddy spokeswoman Elizabeth Driscoll said:

“the outage began at around 1:25 pm EDT (1725 GMT). By around 5:43 pm EDT (2143 GMT), the website was back up and service was restored for the bulk of its customers. Driscoll said there was no loss of sensitive customer information such as credit card data or passwords and that the company was investigating the cause.”

However, my clients’ websites were still down at 21h00 GMT.

GoDaddy Status – Customers Informed

GoDaddy Logo

To GoDaddy’s credit, customers were notified on their Facebook page and Twitter about the outage, and sporadic status updates kept client’s informed about progress to restore services.

GoDaddy announced, again on Facebook and ?Twitter, shortly before 01h00 GMT the majority of services were running again.

Anonymous Hacker Group Member Claims Responsibility

A member of Anonymous known as AnonymousOwn3r claimed responsibility, and makes it clear this is not an Anonymous collective action.

AnonymousOwn3r stated: “I’m taking godaddy down bacause well i’d like to test how the cyber security is safe and for more reasons that i can not talk now.”

His claim and other tweets show all the poor spelling and misuse of English typical of hackers and spammers. Perhaps he should have spent more time learning to read and write properly than sabotaging web services – then he could make an honest living instead of resorting to criminal activities to protest against his own inadequacy as a person.

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