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Host Your Site on the Server Network

Would YOU like to host your site on the server network. Sorry, that’s a rhetorical question. There can be only one answer – YES. Well, if I’m reading the adverts correctly, it’s possible. VIP Services

It seems there’s a whole bunch of things available for Self-hosted WordPress, from several different levels of hosting to a range of expert WordPress support services vip hosting screenshot

Now That Should Solve My Server Overload Woes

Tongue in cheek – a pipe dream – wild speculation… Whatever you call it, hosting my websites on the server network would definitely solve my problem with traffic, server overloads, and above all, the progressively worsening page load speed seen by Google, visitors and even myself. Today it took me nearly 3 hours to add 3 new products as every time I tried to save or preview a draft, I had to wait for a visitor or three to leave the site… (See )

Realistically However…

There’s absolutely no possibility of this happening. The hosting fees are simply way to high – one year of hosting would cost more than installing my own server using all the top end technology – dual 8 core 3.7GHz Xeons, 64GB ECC fast RAM, enterprise grade drives whatever – and ten years location rental in a decent data hub outside  South Africa… And for now VIP doesn’t host Drupal or Joomla either.

So it’s a really neat idea, but not for us lowly independent web site administrators slaving away at the ends of the earth.

But Have A Look at the Services Offered

If you have a large, extremely busy WordPress site (and the sort of budget needed), then WordPress VIP is well worth considering. No-one can argue that the server network is anything but very well configured. Security of the servers and sites hosted is top level too.

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