CSS3 Button Creator for WordPress

WP CSS3 Button Creator Plugin

WP CSS3 Button Creator iconHere’s a brand new plugin for WordPress self hosted sites and blogs. WP CSS3 Button Creator makes it easy to generate the code needed for CSS3 buttons. While the code generation part is easy and foolproof, using this code on a WordPress self-hosted site needs a bit more effort than just installing and activating the plugin.

Users will need to add the CSS generated to their theme stylesheet, or use a custom stylesheet along with another plugin to insert the stylesheet link in the content of any page where the buttons are used.. While not difficult, this may be beyond beginners, so the plugin is aimed at intermediate to advanced users.

No CSS knowledge Needed

wp css3 button creator plugin panel graphic

Click image for full size screen-shot

Well, almost none. Apart from the mentioned need to add the script to the blog or website, no knowledge of CSS3 is needed at all. This is the really great feature of the plugin. CSS3 can be a bit tricky to work with, and buttons are never the easiest things to create manually in CSS. WP CSS3 Button Creator takes all the effort out of building buttons with a simple, yet comprehensive button creation panel.

If, like me, you have several WordPress sites, you can even get away with installing the plugin on a single site, or even only on a development site, and use it to generate the button style script. The code from WP CSS3 Button Creator can be used on any of the sites.

You don’t even need to install it on a live site. Use the plugin on a local hosted site, and simply use the code on your live site. This may be of use for marginal shared hosting situations to reduce server load caused by another plugin…

WP CSS3 Button Creator Review and Live Button Demo

I tested WP CSS3 Button Creator plugin and published a review, along with working examples of the buttons on SME Technology. Take a look and see for yourself how effective the result is.

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