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False Valuation by

pansee site valuation trashEver had a site valuation by – I got sent a mail informing me ‘someone’ had conducted a valuation of my website using valuation tools, with a link to the valuation report. Interested to see what the report contained, I checked if Google had any information about malware on the site, then visited the page.

The valuation report had some interesting data. From the country where most of the website traffic is derived from, to number of daily visitors. And a claim to the value of advertising on the front page.

France is the Biggest Source of Traffic

This amused me… According to, 12.2 percent of my traffic comes from France, while the USA only accounts for 8.1%

pansee trafic report by country infographic

Strange then how my actual server log shows South Africa is the largest source of traffic, with the USA second. France is actually in 9th place this month with less than 2% of total traffic – and most of that came from a spambot that tried to post over 100 comments in 5 minutes a few days ago, before being banned from my domain. Another 50 or so visits seemed to be generated by the ‘valuation’ tool – my logs showed near simultaneous visits from this number of French IP’s with the same time stamp (within a second or so) of the user agent

Usually France doesn’t come in the top 75!

actual traffic infographic Misleading Customers and Tool Users

Whether is trying to get me to sign-up for their services, or a genuinely interested person used the service – their report is highly misleading. In fact it’s total rubbish. Their page visit report bears no resemblance to the actual page visits… Maybe if search bots are included, and all my sub-domains are included too, the stats quoted may get close to the real traffic levels.

The valuation provided by pansee must be considered false, and based on very strange statistics… Pansee seems geared to providing a value for advertising on the front page of a website – at least that’s what their report stated – a daily advertising rate, and an overall annual advertising value for the front page…

Website Valuation Tools are pretty Valueless

I have seen some really weird and wonderful valuations for my websites, ranging from the sublime to the totally ridiculous. One evaluator (not Pansee) gave an US Dollar valuation of about $125 000.00 – when the site was less than nine months old, consisted of about 75 static HTML pages, and was getting fewer than 100 visits a day. Really! If the site had that value then or now – I’d sell it, immediately! That’s R1M in our local currency – and would buy a darn decent small fishing boat!

Take these online valuation websites with a pinch of salt. They are amusing, nothing more. If you need a proper valuation for your site, as part of a business asset for example at the time of putting a business up for sale – there are accredited professionals who will audit the site, and give a realistic valuation.

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  1. Considering the fact that the email notification received from is legally a spam here ( automated unrequested commercial email , never subscribed or asked for their service ) will get me the impression of a SCAM.
    More then that , they seems to use a low hosting package from ( Slovenija ) since i get the message “User ‘pansee533’ has exceeded the ‘max_user_connections’ resource (current value: 5)” when i try to access their website.
    More then that, the domain they are reffering to it`s one that had value only for a year (last year ( something like ) witch to me ir doesn`t seems to start the interest of anyone in 2013 .
    So, a really nice “go to hell” to anyone managing . You are just a fraud website trying to sell some random(stats) + random(site_value) for real(money).

  2. Thanks for the info, Mike, I shall not be taking up their invitation either.

  3. Hi, I’ve found this post while is getting traffic from this website and the domain being analyzed so many times is:

    To make long story short. The main purpose of has been approximation and quick evaluation of huge number of websites. It is first quick evaluation for website owner as well. Great majority of users understand that we do not generate official evaluations of the websites. Currently we are generating 35.000 reports daily and the number is increasing fast. Regarding the location of visits you have mentioned.

    Mike, I would rather check what is going on. It has happened many times before that websites which have used PayPerClick advertising saw very strange results on I think that I do not need to explain the reason. In many such cases most visitors are coming from Pakistan where many PayPerClick networks have their own “working groups”. Many websites also directly buy such traffic to increase the value of adverts they are selling on their own webpages, …so it could be anything, but believe me it is not something to ignore. I’ve just checked and says exactly the same about location of the visitors of your website as

    And by the way your data is completely different as you are saying, your website worth ***** not 125.000$ 🙂

    But anyway, anyhow thank you both for using

    • Interesting Comment; let’s examine some of the points

      Pansee stats not official – Of course these stats cannot be official and I’m pleased someone from Pansee has made this fact public. Pity it doesn’t clearly state say this on their website. The only reliable stats are those from the website server records, Google Analytics (f the tracking code is installed), or another stats gathering service with tracking code – otherwise how are accurate stats derived?

      Stats derived from internet user toolbars can never be an accurate or reliable source of visitor stats – they will be skewed towards niche groups and regions by visitor – seems to derive it’s stats using the toolbar method.

      Regarding PayPerClick advertising

      Well, none of my websites use PayPerClick advertising and never have, so that’s not a possible reason for the skewed stats. Nor do I carry Google Ads on any of the sites using the domain.

      Once again, here’s the data October 2012 (up to the 25th). Very few pages served to France comparred to the top regions.

      site visits by country chart

      I tend to agree with Aleš regarding the estimated advertising value (removed for commercial reasons) for the USA and SA local advertisers, but I would say the value to advertisers in other parts of the world is a small fraction of that amount. I’d also say some inner pages carry a slightly higher value as they get the most traffic, while the front page value is lower than suggested.

      That other service mentioned with the ridiculously high value can only be regarded as a joke or scam…

  4. Thanks Mike for the tip. I had the same confusion about Pansee. It did not corelate to my stats on my main site. They are of no value to reality. Cheers.

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