The Best Thing About WordPress

What is the Best Thing About WordPress

Where to start to find the single best thing about WordPress. There are so many really great things about WordPress it can be hard to choose any single reason.

Some Great Things About WordPress

  1. WordPress is a really excellent blogging platform, if not the very best blogging tool available.
  2. Then there’s the ease of use for end users. This feature alone is one of the best things about WordPress.
  3. WordPress is also a pretty darn good CMS for a website. Granted it may need some additions (plugins) to really shine as a CMS, but then what CMS provides all the requirements in its basic format. Drupal doesn’t, Joomla doesn’t. And WordPress as a CMS gets better monthly, weekly, may I venture to say daily?
  4. It’s Open Source. What more can I say. It’s free to use, free to modify, free to customise. The source code is not hidden or protected by volumes of legal documentation and restrictions.
  5. There are thousands of ways to modify WordPress. Plugins to extend functions and themes to present your content to audiences in the way you want.
  6. WordPress can even be used as a source of income. Developers, administrators, themers, supporters, instructors can all make a living from WordPress – isn’t that a great feature too!
  7. And let’s not forget which is the best blogging platform available for everyone. Easy to use, hosted on really excellent servers (just look at the time it takes google-bot to load an average page – around 500 ms – i.e. 0.5 of a second), and just consider how many blogs are hosted on, how busy the site is. And then look at how well blogs can do in Google SERP. With a 10/10 domain authority it only takes good quality content to get onto page 1.

Any one of these factors could be chosen for the best thing about WordPress, but for me the best thing about WordPress is:

My Best Thing About WordPress

wordpress logo and figure iconFor me the best thing about WordPress must be the WordPress People. The WordPress community are really great people. I’m sure there are the rude, ungrateful, dis-courteous, and others of their ilk out there, but considering the millions of people in the WordPress Community, the number of bad-hats is tiny.

The WordPress community consists of people from all walks of life; techy’s, writer, coders, designers, doctors, housewives, lawyers, bloggers, photographers, hobbyists, business professionals, nurses, blue-collar workers, fishermen, artists, you name it, the list goes on and on. Yet all these people have one thing in common – WordPress. No matter what WordPress users do when they are not ‘pressing’ they all share this common bond through a few megabytes of code.

For me, what makes WordPress people stand out is the friendliness. Newcomers to WordPress (and we all are in the beginning) can get help, advice, support from others who share their knowledge freely. Those in the know are happy to get faults with their worked pointed out – they may even mention you in a plugin if you spot a bug, even if it’s a really minor one. I know; that has happened to me. Wow!

Help someone with a problem, and they actually thank you! how often does that happen in other areas of modern life!

So What is Yours

What is your favourite thing about WordPress. You must have one, or maybe several. Let us know.

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  1. Though you have chosen your best thing about wordpress. But to me the best part of wordpress is it’s ease of use for an average computer user like me. First I built my site on Joomla but it was to tough to handle for a novice like me then I turned to WordPress and it was as if I had hit a goldmine.

    • It really is a great system! I recommend WordPress to the majority of my clients (most are small business owners who don’t want the expense of a full time, or part time, webmaster to do everything for them) because it is so easy to use. (WordPress Recommended CMS)
      Joomla is nowhere near as user friendly as WordPress – as you discovered for yourself. There is one thing I really like though – WordPress can be integrated into Joomla for blogging – which Joomla is really bad at. So there’s another great WordPress feature, improving another CMS…

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