2753 Spam Comments in Two Weeks

The Heavily Spammed Article

spambot graphic imageThree spambots tried to leave 2753 spam comments on a single article in two weeks. I’m pleased to say none were succesful – all blocked by Drupal CAPTCHA. The article receiving this unwanted attention is about the use of website backlinks “Backlinks for Results“. I would take an educated guess at the subject matter of these spammers’ efforts – Black Hat SEO services!

That adds to the tally of around fifty other spam comments blocked most days of the week… I for one am very thankful for CAPTCHA challenges. These annoying, much hated image and text field challenges save a lot of time, and time is money…

Spambots are an evil of the net today, there’s no getting away from them, and the better a site performs in Google SERP, and the more visitors a site gets, the more spammers, both bots and human, will try to leave backlinks in rubbish comments hoping for that elusive “followed” backlink or just the traffic from readers clicks.

Three Spambots

These spammers, using the following IP’s listed below are reported in Project Honeypot as heavy spammers:

And these are only the submissions made by these spambots to honeypot spam traps! The actual number of attempted submissions and succesful spam comments can easily run into millions.

These bots returned at regular intervals ranging between every 62 minutes for the bot from IP and every 66 minutes for  the IP spambot. Usually 2 attempts were made each visit to leave a spam comment.

Sad Individuals

To enf this article my last comment is “spammers are sad individuals”. From the individuals writing spambot code to the unfortunate ones typing the rubbish comment and backlinks for the bots to try to post on blogs and web articles. But then if they had any talent at creating succesful websites they wouldn’t be spammers!


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  1. Yup. People willing to write spam code are sinners. Hopefully the new Google Panda algorithm will make spambot coder (the guaranteed backlink purveyor) look for another profession.

  2. Love your spam posts Mike.

    The whole “business” fascinates me, though I’m not sure why.

    Maybe it’s the statistician in me. The spammers rely on that one-in-a-million shot (Okay, it’s probably less than that). But by spamming in the millions, they get a return.

    I guess it’s like watching someone play the lotto for free. Their odds of winning are terrible, but since it doesn’t cost them anything to play, they’re guaranteed to get something.

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