Markmonitor dotcom | Watchdog or What?

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Markmonitor dotcom | Watchdog or What?

brandmark monitor is a company providing brand protection to (mainly) global brands.

Markmonitor monitors the Internet (supposedly) looking for brand-piracy, domain name hijacking and counterfeiting (of branded goods) among it’s range of client services. The company must use search spiders to trawl websites looking for this information.

They also have another side of business, as  a domain registrar, and a number of large corporations including have their domains under their ambit

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  1. 6 years later and they are still a pain. They brought a 72 core 128gb ram server to its knees. We had to spend hours checking and blocking Mark monitor ips. They were coming from every cloud service imaginable inc Google aws azure. We blocked around 50 ips in the end to end an effective ddos on the site.

  2. Good luck with getting rid of this sneaky “service”. I’m interested to hear how you tried to block resulting in your server being unable to access the net normally?

    I’ve taken a different approach: Banning access from IP ranges assigned to webservers as well as very restrictive range blocks on a regional basis. Add to this heavy restrictions on user agents, including blank user agents on most of my managed sites. The end result has been a sharp drop in the number of 404 type errors, and a big increase in 403’s and 500 type server responses.

  3. I once tried to block all markmonitor access to my server…the end result is my server was unable to access the net normally….I really don’t like this manipulative allowance since I hide my political site within that server (that also acts as a router/phone, etc.

    Has anyone found a way around these controlling “features”? I’ve changed my dns servers to offshore dns but I don’t think that country appeals to Americans thanks to the warmongers and profiteers that our econo-politico system.

    I see no advantage to allowing others to police our systems (haven’t the police caused more undue duress than good already?).

  4. They attempted to fish me on 3-24-13

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