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Plugin Developers Use Your Own Plugins

How often WordPress plugin developers don’t use their own work astounds me. I am not knocking the time and effort WordPress developers put into plugins, that we then download and get to use for free. Without their work WordPress would be a very basic and boring CMS.  But have enough faith in your plugin to use it on your own site(s).

Fair enough, often visitors are unaware of a plugin in use, but the ones that provide front end features, functions or content really should have a live demonstration of what they do

Demo Your Plugins on the Plugin Home Site

Surely if a developer is confident their plugin works, they would want to show it off to other WordPress users. Yet so often we find their plugin homepage or home website does not feature the plugin at all. Often the best we get is a screenshot or two. This is fine for core, backend and purely admin functions, but no good for widgets, content plugins and similar.

Broken Plugin not Featured on Home Site

broken wordpress iconHeres the reason for today’s post. I came across a plugin that broke one of my WordPress sites this week. It worked fine until it was updated (Cannot Access WordPress Admin) then did something that prevented admin page access. Deleting the plugin (two in total that had been updated simultaneously) solved the bug. I haven’t yet got round to finding which one it was – so no mention of the plugin names yet)

What is pertinent; one of the plugin homepages has no sign of the plugin being used on the site (apart from screenshots) This plugin has both admin and public features. Of course the developer may be using the admin reporting functions, but the fact the public part of its features are not used on his own website does not inspire confidence.

Plugin Updates One by One

It’s always a good idea to update (or install new) plugins one by one, and test the site after each one. But we all get forgetful, impatient or just lazy, and use the bulk update function of WordPress to do updates in batches, and usually it’s OK. But sometimes it’s not.

Updating two plugins at once because I was irritated with the speed of the net, and it was late at night as well, now means I have to go back and re-install, activate and test each one to see which one breaks the site again. (That is if I want to find the bug). Or just wait until the fault is reported by another user, and fixed by the developer. As neither of the suspects is vital to any function, my only reason to find the faulty one is for my satisfaction – so it can wait until I am in the mood for the process. Before then I have a Drupal site that also needs updating and must take priority.

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