Spam Comment Blocker

A Keyword Based Spam Comment Blocker

no spam nx iconI found a really cool plugin today. A business client is being targeted by spammers using a particular text message that is almost identical in every instance. The opening line invariably uses a greeting word that has no relevance to the industry the client works in.

The client did not want to use a CAPTCHA challenge as he does want to encourage comments as a way of generating leads for his business. So a method of blocking comments based on keywords seemed the best option.

Blacklist Filter Not Sufficient

The built-in WordPress blacklist filter only sends comments containing this greeting word to the spam box… My client would prefer not to have his spam box cluttered with all these messages urging him to make use of the spammers services.

IP Deny also not Suitable

Blocking IP’s with .htaccess has been tried already, however it looks like this spammer is using stolen or spoofed IP’s, or is using dynamic IP addresses that change regularly, so has been totally unsuccessful in preventing the spam. Editing his .htaccess file is also a trial of patience as the client is using GoDaddy hosting with its terrible user interface. (I will no longer accept work for sites hosted on GoDaddy – this client is an exception as he is a long-standing friend).

WordPress NoSpamNX Plugin to the Rescue

This nifty plugin works in a similar fashion to the WordPress discussion blacklist, but instead of sending the comment using selected keyword to the spam box, it blocks the comment at the source – exactly where required. In addition to keyword filtering, URLs, Domains and IP-Ranges can also be blocked from commenting.

comment blocked graphic imageThe block list is used in exactly the same way as the WordPress discussion blacklist, so there is no new learning curve for the client.

Comments containing the keyword, or from listed URL, domains or IPs return a message stating the comment may be spam and has been blocked.

A Solution for CAPTCHA Free Comment Forms

This plugin provides a solution for WordPress users who prefer not to use CAPTCHA challenges and other ‘unfriendly’ anti-spam devices, and has a place for commercial sites whose owners prefer not to sign up for  a business level Akismet account.

Keyword filtering (blocking) can be done for very specific words e.g; the word “f*ck” can be used as a standalone term, so other words that may contain the letter string somewhere are not blocked e.g. mitherf*cker will be allowed.

NoSpamNX Plugin Hard to Find

Finding the plugin proved somewhat challenging. I tried numerous combinations of terms such as block comments etc without success. Even Google didn’t find a ready reference to it. Eventually it was discovered from a forum topic link.

Known Current Issues:

  • Does not work with OpenID
  • Does not work with BuddyPress

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