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Revamping a Drupal User Guide

Some time ago I added a number of Drupal video guides from several sources to pages on one of my websites. These were really only intended for my use while getting to grips with Drupal CMS. Then they were forgotten.  Recently I was Googling something and lo and behold, one of these pages was on page 1 SERP. (When I added the videos, I didn’t yet have the meta-tags module to include “noindex” for robots, so Google indexed the lot).

blue drupal views friendly dragon iconBut these pages had no content;  most just had the video, either embedded using YouTube or in iframes from vimeo. Seeing as I am in the process of reworking a lot of the web site, sorting out the taxonomy (tags) and adding headings and descriptions to these, as well as undertaking an appearance overhaul of pages showing teasers e.g. blog pages, article summary pages and so on, I decided it was time to do something useful to the numerous pages of Drupal video guides. The collection is being updated and re-published in the form of a Drupal ‘book content type’ at Drupal Guidebook (

Video Summaries and Update:

Every video is being given a text summary and a few tweaks to improve appearance like adding a header image so the pic gets included in taxonomy lists along with a short introduction to the video. Mostly the summary describes what the presenter of the video is doing or discussing.

Many (most) are getting new, more informative titles and at the same time the URL is changed to include this new title, a redirect added and the page re-published to the current time.

Drupal 7 Views, The Friendly Dragon

One of the series included in the web book is a series of 27 video guides to the Drupal 7 Views modules, produced by NodeOne of Scandinavia, called “Taming The Beast”.  Others have called Views a monster because it is such a large and intricate sub-system.  In some ways it’s almost like a full application by itself. Actually it’s a great module (sub-system) that is essential for almost any Drupal site.

Once a user get’s a basic feel for how things work, it’s actually not at all difficult to use. So I have started calling Views the “Friendly Dragon” (Magic Dragon came to mind but that’s the title of a 60’s song) and have named the intro to the section Drupal Views – The Friendly Dragon

At the moment I’m about halfway through organising the web book and writing summaries – another week should see this section complete unless something else comes up to interfere with the process. Then back to the taxonomy list where there are still a lot of tags to go through (only on the “d’s” at the moment.

All in a good cause.

The result of this endeavour should be a site performing better in Google SERP – the summaries can only do the 45 or so pages of videos ( the overall site ranking too) a lot of good, and cleaning up the tag pages, adding noindex to most will put an end to a lot of duplication seen by search engines… I really should have done this a long time ago.

And best of all, the results are visually appealing too.

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