Seriously Spam Comments

Spambot – Check the Names and Websites

Spambots getting better? This spammers auto spam-bot message is almost convincing. I had to stop for a moment and think; almost started moving the mouse to find the list of e-mail subscribers when I remembered something – the posted name and website link was not one of the available sign in services (WordPress, Facebook, Twitter), so how did this commenter manage to subscribe by e-mail when leaving  a comment.  SPAMBOT

It nearly got published – It is still a bit early for me, I don’t function too well until I have seriously diluted the blood level in my caffeine stream, even the eyes don’t see too well until caffeine overtakes the red cell concentration, and almost missed the “great site dod” intro and the spam terms “cheap” and “viagra”.

seriously spamming

Spambot can’t un-subscribe?

Well, to be un-subscribed from the service, you first need to subscribe. If your spambot inadvertently subscribed you (4 times) – tough, there’s nothing I can do about it as I have no idea what your e-mail address is – If there was a way to add a couple of zeros to the end of 4 that would be great – 40, 400 or even 40000 e-mails every time someone comments – sending the spammer all those mails would be “seriously spamming” justice!

In any case – if you really are a subscriber, and wish to un-subscribe – use the contact form to message me (there is one – see the nav menu) – Post Comment Forms are the wrong place to do so. Only messages sent via the contact form will get to the right place for attention…

The “Great Post” Spambot Comment

These still seem to work for some spammers. At least this one is sufficiently well written it could get overlooked on first glance – check the names and website names again… SPAMBOT

seriously spamming - almost convincingBoth the spam comments illustrated here use different IP addresses, both IP’s belong to the same owner/operator (IP Lookup / WhoIs). Great – another 2 IP’s to add to the growing list of known comment spammers, 2 more IP’s to add to Honeypot listings.

Talking of Honeypots – I’m looking into setting up a Honeypot trap on a couple of my websites – when the caffeine concentration level is high enough…

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  1. Oh, yea. I get that one all the time. We must be every vigilent, eh?

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