Google Rich Snippets Ratings with WordPress

Google Rich Snippets Star Ratings for WordPress

Ever noticed the stars on some search results in Google and wondered how this works? The star rating make use of Google’s relatively new Rich Snippets features, the same feature that displays authorship markup in search results.

WordPress (self hosted WordPress) can add this Rich Snippet Star Rating to their websites and blogs using the GD Star Ratings Plugin.

Star Ratings Good for Traffic Referrals

Boost the conversion rate from search listings to visits with a star rating system. The stars stand out from the crowd, catching a Google searchers eye and encouraging click-throughs to your blog.

Star Rating Rich SnippetsThe highly visible stars will definitely attract visitors – along with authorship markup, rich snippets add to searcher confidence, providing an indication they will find quality information on the linked page. This will increase (or decrease) as more visitors rate the content using the star rating system – if you want good ratings, make sure the content visitors find is good, and especially make sure you use a correct and descriptive meta description that Google may use.

GD Star Ratings for WordPress

Star Rating Rich SnippetsGD Star Ratings is the plugin to use for WordPress. It works with most themes without any custom hard coding of the page template files. Some other rating plugins can be used, but need complicated coding to .php template files. GD star Ratings usually works on installation.

GD Star Ratings is however a server heavy plugin. It is not recommended if your blog is hosted on a marginal server. Those of you using these low performance and slower servers (including GoDaddy) may find a significant performance drop after installing the GD Star Rating plugin. This is especially noticeable when loading admin pages, less so when serving pages to visitors. Installing A good cache plugin will help matters.

GD Star Rating Plugin Features:

The star rating system is totally customisable; options to use ratings on pages, posts, taxonomy pages, archives and comments, even to exclude individual content items are available. Several options for the size, colour and shape of stars exist as well. A thumbs-up/down system is included as well, and can be used with the stars, or on its own.

GD Star Rating has a reporting system in available in the plugin admin panels, providing the site administrator with results of all content the rating system has been used for.

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