iTunes Connects to Store on Startup

iTunes Connects to iTunes Store even if Disabled

iTunesiTunes connects automatically to iTunes Store, EVEN IF STORE IS DISABLED IN PARENTAL CONTROLS! This automatic connection to the iTunes Store cannot be prevented. There is only one solution – get a pre-iTunes Store installer if you can find one!

Has Apple realised the majority of the market they are interested in has always-on internet connections, and taken the opportunity to spy on our media habits? Is it just a way of gathering statistics about the number of users of the application? Whatever the reason, it is not acceptable without a statement from Apple as to the reason iTunes tries to connect to the Store every time it starts.

How many iTunes users with always-on internet connections are even aware that every time they start iTunes, the app connects to the iTunes store. The first time you will know there is something going on under the scenes is when you are not connected to the net, and start iTunes; a pop-up box tells you iTunes cannot connect to the iTunes Store.

Turning off Store doesn’t stop Connection

Disabling the Store in Parental Controls (A stupid place to put in anyway) does not stop the app trying to connect to the store on start-up. Neither does disabling automatic updates, ‘get track names from internet’, ‘genius’ or any of the other function options.

Why is iTunes connecting to Store on Start-up

iTunes StoreNo clear answer exists. Apple makes no mention of this in the user agreement, nor do they have any information available on their website!

More than likely this behaviour is only a simple ping being sent – the outgoing data packet is quite small, a few kilo-bits (still, that is large for a ping). Whatever the reason, user of the software should be informed about this behaviour, or have the option to opt-out, or better still, opt-in at any time.

Can iTunes be Stopped from Connecting?

I don’t have a practical solution unfortunately, nor have I found a working option on the ‘net.

“Apple Care suggests removing the file “” from Users>Home>Library>Preferences – Mac (user settings – C:\Documents and Settings\User-Name\Application Data\Apple Computer\Preferences – Windows). This does not stop iTunes connecting to the store on start-up in Windows (Mac – unknown).

The app can be blocked from accessing the Store website  with firewall or network settings in same instances, but they will block access to the store even when you do want to connect to it. And then you will get the very annoying pop-up telling you “iTunes cannot connect to the iTunes Store, please check your internet connection and try again“.

Irritating rather than concerning

For me, this is more irritating than of any great concern. I really don’t care if Apple tracks my music listening preferences. I don’t have pirated music, or downloaded music – the quality is too low. All my mp3’s are 320k bit rate converted from original CDs I own – I paid for them, I will make use of them for personal use in any way I choose.

The annoying thing is; I invariably start iTunes before connecting to the net – music plays from the time I start the computer, to the time it gets shut down… Version 10 halts on start-up with a connection failure notice, that has to be closed manually – Earlier versions did not do this.

Perhaps even more annoying because I do not have an iTunes Store Account, never have had, and never will have. I have no intention of paying for something in such a low quality and corruptible format as a 160k bit (or lower) rate  mp3 – CD or DVD is no more expensive (even here in the sunshine at the tip of Africa).

Back to iTunes 9

I am going to remove iTunes v10. whatever it is, and install 9 – at least it doesn’t produce a pop-up. This version should have been used in any case – I don’t see any benefit in later version, or the too regular updates – each update just seems to get bigger and has  fewer user options – bloated with un-needed code in my opinion. 10 only got installed because it was handy…

iTunes remains my music player of choice, but if this annoying pop-up continues to plague later version, I will be looking for an alternative, and only use iTunes to sync the iPod. Any suggestions for a replacement? Not windows media player, winamp (that’s awful) or any of those bundled players that come with DVD writers,

You can get an older version from – The links below are for version 9; no annoying connection error pop-up. Mac OSX users will have to look elsewhere – the older mac versions are no longer available from this source

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  1. This is still a problem with iTunes 11 ….

    Having recently acquired an iPod nano I wanted to load a movie on to it and this had to be done via iTunes. As a result I finished up with a Movie Folder in the Side Bar under the Library heading, wich remained even after the movie was deleted from the Library and HD.
    Since then the annoying pop up has disappeared.
    I also had to connect to iTunes to update the Nano software(dont know if this was significant)

    MacBook MacOS 10.6.8
    Itunes 11.3.1(2)

  2. It would be nice if Apple didn’t presume upon our patience or our security in this way, I wonder if iTunes 11 has ditched this auto-connect flaw.

  3. stumbled upon this blog after searching for a solution to this very problem. itunes v10 has given me nothing but issues. it has wiped my ipod clean about seven times now, spinning beach ball at startup (sometimes as long as 5-6 min) and the dreaded “Itunes cannot connect to store” is the end result everytime. i have tried other media players but i don’t like the way they organize things, and windows media player has ALWAYS been terrible in my opinion- anyway, i have a mac. hope someone finds a solution to this!!!!!

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