Website Disabled – Too Many Backlinks

Website Disabled Because of Too Many Backlinks

Too Many BacklinksThis search term led to my blog this morning. The full term used was “disabled my website because I make too many backlinks”, leading to my post Too Many Backlinks Bad News. No idea where the website referred to was hosted, but a semi-educated guess would suggest or similar service, nor what sort of “too many backlinks” the searcher had created. A further educated guess would suggest these were to products for sale, or so many had been posted the site was considered a link-farm, contravening the terms and conditions of use of whatever platform the author used.

All blog providers and website hosting services have terms and conditions of service; most of them will not permit link farming or spamming!

Link Farming:

Of course, creating lots of backlinks could be construed as link farming, and in today’s world no platform manager wants the sites using their service considered by Google as link farms. Link farms using a shared IP address or shared domain can cause all sites sharing the IP and domain to lose ranking, even possible exclusion from Google’s index.

What can you do if your site has been disabled

If your site was disabled for having too many outgoing backlinks, there are a few things to do.

The first option is the easiest; get your own dedicated hosting solution, on your own server with a UNIQUE IP address. Almost every hosting provider will be able to provide this level of service, form as little as $300 per month – very cheap if your intention is to link farm.

The second option is much more difficult: You will need to have your site re-enabled. Contact the service managers and explain you want to overhaul your site to comply with the Terms and Conditions of Service, and tell them of what you will do to correct the problem – Read the list below! Ask if the site can be re-enabled in privacy mode (not indexed or viewable by the public).

  • Read the Terms and Conditions of use of the platform; if the site is a blog the Terms of Service  are available from this link.
  • If, then remove all outgoing links to any content that violates the TOS. (especially products for sale.
  • If the outgoing backlinks are to other types of content – especially mainly to SEO a particular website, remove the majority, and add HTML markup rel=”nofollow” to all the remaining outgoing links.
  • If the outgoing backlinks are to other (non-commercial) blog posts,that you believe are of interest to readers of the content on your page AND RELATED TO that content, then add rel=”nofollow” markup to these as well.

Once you have been through your entire website and fixed all these things, submit a request to the service managers to have the site reviewed. If the site is then in compliance, the chance your website will be fully re-enabled is high.

The third option is starting again from scratch, ensuring total compliance with all terms and conditions of service of whichever platform or service provider you use! (In other words no link farming or spamming)

Spammers and Black Hats Don’t Bother

If you are a Black Hat SEO practitioner using the platform to spam and create backlinks, even creating multiple blogs for this purpose, then don’t waste your time trying to get your website enabled… will not, nor will other blogging and (reputable) free site platforms.

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