Drupal 7 Views Module Stable Release

Views for Drupal 7  Stable at Last

It has been a long time coming, finally the all important Views module for Drupal 7 is in a stable release. Available from Drupal.org/project/views since 16 January 2012, Drupal site builders and module developers at long last have a production version of the views module.

drupal views signDrupal 7 Views has been one of the modules in long developement. It is fair to save a number of site developers have waited impatiently for this module to be available in a full working form. Gone are the error messages previously displayed when running the database update script.

Hopefully now views has been released in this version, several other modules that depend on Drupal Views for functionality, or add to Drupal Views will achieve the same level of development in short order. CTools, Organic Groups and Project Storm are ones I am particularly waiting for.

Drupal Views | What it does

Drupal views module article imageViews is a module to fetch content from the database and present it to site visitors in ways tailored to your needs including lists, posts, galleries, reports, forum post and  taxonomy terms. It’s prime function lies in it’s abilty to sort and integrate content from the database into lists and table structures. (Overview of Drupal Views and Video)

Views is also required by most of Drupal’s more powerful content management modules… Without a working Drupal Views module installed, much of the benefits available from this CMS wil not be available. Views works with and requires CTools (Chaos Tools) module as well (still not in full stable release for Drupal 7).

If you are building an e-commerce or real estate website with Drupal, Views will be absolutely essential whichever version of the CMS is used.

Important | Views and CTools Use:

As mentioned CTools is required by Drupal Views (or it won’t work!). CTools has  an unresolved bug that requires a double flush of the cache (still present in latest _RC1 version).

When installing Views on Drupal 7, you absolutely must have CTools of at least alpha4 and you may need to flush cache as much as twice. There are issues with cache flushing that means one cache flush isn’t necessarily enough. Also, if your CTools’ version is older than CTools 7.x-1.0-alpha4 things will crash a lot.. (posted on Drupal Views homepage)

Learning the Views Ropes

Drupal Views a Friendly DragonViews for Drupal 7 (all versions in fact) is considerred to have a very steep learning curve… However, the module is reasonably well documented, and a large choice of video tutorials can be found.  A selection of these can be found on my website at Drupal Guidebook, and pages leading on from this page.  More video instructional will  be posted now that I am satisfied the module is suitable for production site use.

My Website can Take a Step Forward

My Drupal website, Graphicline.co.za has received little work in the past 3 months… My excuse has been lack of time to work on it (that is true – it has been a very busy period). The state of development of several modules required has been discouraging as well – too often I have installed a sub-system, spent time and effort setting it up, then got fed up with constant error messages from the new modules, so have uninstalled and left things as they were. Views has been pretty much ignored for content presentation.

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