Do You Update Old Posts

Updating Old Blog Posts and Web Pages

The updating of old published posts and pages is a somewhat controversial topic. Some bloggers feel it is wrong to update a published article, others do it regularly. I am one of the group who updates content in posts and pages whenever I find a reason (and the time) to do so.

Updating Old Posts is Good for SERP

Google now looks for “FRESHNESS” as one of the criteria for SERP (Search Engine Results Placement), the position a page or post will get. Fresher content gets favoured over old content. A new post may initially be placed high in their results, then overtime this will drop off, eventually fading into obscurity.

Give your older posts a new life by updating them. Sometimes when I go back to older articles I find the information is out of date, fresh knowledge or developments may need changes to the content to make the information more accurate…

Articles are often posted with unnoticed errors. I don’t mean incorrect information, just the small things like spelling mistakes and grammatical errors – both of which will lose ranking to Google’s algorithm. Even the way we have written an article can often be improved after some time has passed, and we go back and check the content we thought at the time had been so great. With a fresh look at these older posts, we can often see ways to re-write parts (or all) of the content to make it more readable for our visitors.

All of these things will improve the ranking of any article…

Google will find the updated content the next time it spiders your post – will see it is FRESH, and re-calculate where it should appear in SERP.

Updating Posts a Quick-Fix for Writers Block

I’m sure all of us have suffered from writers block at times. We know we want to post something, but cannot seem to get started. Or even sometimes we have so many ideas, we don’t know which one to start with, and get blocked.

When writers block strikes, the ideal opportunity exists to update one or two of our older articles. This way we fulfil the essential requirement of regular content updates, keeping the “big G” happy. Often when I re-visit older posts, I get inspired to write a new article; sometimes on a related topic, sometimes on something totally different. The distraction of actively editing content seems to release whatever was causing writers block…

So, Do You Update Old Posts?

Let me know what you think about updating older posts and other web content. Do you update? Only to fix mistakes? Never because you think it is wrong. Whatever you feel about updating published content, let us know by taking the poll.

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  1. Only some posts I try to update… when I got some new info

  2. I update posts when there is a tiny bit of new information. If there is a lot of new information, I create a new post, the update the old post with a link to the new information.

  3. I like your site, Mike. Keep us posted.

  4. I try to update posts when the information changes because I get hits on old posts from searches and I don’t want people to get out-dated information.

  5. I see some logic in what you say. Sometimes returning to old posts gives you the ability to improve upon what you communicated or to recognise something valuable left out. Good point.

  6. Hmm, I don’t update old posts, but it looks like I should spend a little time now and again doing just that.

    Thanks Mike!

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