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HungryFEED WordPress Plugin for RSS Feeds

Hungryfeed WordPress Plugin iconA client wanted feed from an RSS source displayed in content items on a WordPress website  – mainly on pages. The HungryFeed Plugin for WordPress (self-hosted) allowed this includion using a shortcode and some layout formatting.

The goal was to add a short description of current properties for sale to pages describing individual condo buildings in the client’s area of business, Clearwater Beach, Florida. The listing needs to update live,  so adding the short descriptions of each available property manually would definitely not be a practical option.

Taking advantage of RSS

The estate agent has an IDX service allowing custom searches to be created and saved. Each saved search provides a RSS feed summarising the individual properties listed in the saved search. The Hungryfeed WordPress plugin takes the feed, and displays it on the selected page.

For the client, a current up to date list of these properties adds value to each building description page for site visitors. The real estate sector is highly competitive; many agents are active in his region. Any useful feature making his website stand out from the crowd and it more useful is desirable. Most of the sites in competition all follow a similar formula of basic listings common to nearly every site (and what does Google think about all these duplicated Multi-Listing Service placements on numerous web sites?).

Hungryfeed Plugin and RSS add Page Value

RSS FeedMy client agreed to a different approach to gain long-term sustainable ranking. Creating unique landing pages for each building in his area has already paid off – the first one published has jumped to Google Page 1  SERP for a search by building name, over several longer established sites and stronger sites that also have strong Adword campaigns.

Including the up to date listing along with the unique page content adds value to the page for visitors – now they can see a short list of featured properties, and link to pages with full information about each condo unit directly from the landing page. Most other sites only have galleries, or search tools. Clearwater Beach Real Estates has a gallery and content.

Multi Listing Content Duplication and Canonical URLS

Some thought was given to the ever-present problem of duplicate content… In the end the feed was set-up to show only 4 listings at a time. If there are more than 4 properties listed, the hungryfeed plugin will split the total results into separate pages. That could also cause a duplication problem – should 4 pages of feed for exist, there would be 4 pages describing the building. The website has been configured to use HTML markup link rel = canonical (canonical URLS), so Google knows these all refer to one single page… however the total percentage of Multi Listing result duplication across websites is also diluted by the content of the page…

Sites with Multi Listing will always suffer from the duplicate content problem. The best we can do is try to minimise the impact – for these sites the benefits to site visitors from the listings outweigh the disadvantages of content duplication… Sites are built for visitors, not for Search Engines.

Overview of Hungryfeed WordPress Plugin

The Hungryfeed plugin can be set-up to display a selected number of items in the feed. It comes with several selectable styles (templates) and can be further customised. Items displayed from the feed can be sorted in ascending or descending order, or random order.

More options allow titles, descriptions, author and date selection, and these can also be styled. Custom Java script can be added via the Hungryfeed plugin admin page. A button can be added to the visual editor (TinyMCE) in WordPress allowing the easy inclusion of a feed in content.

Hungryfeed plugin worksI have tested the plugin with WordPress themes Twenty Ten, Twenty Eleven and Thesis (the site mentioned use Thesis).

Hungryfeed is my recommended plugin of the week

Download Hungryfeed

The Hungryfeed WordPress Plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress Repository

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  1. I agree HungryFeed is the best inline RSS plugin. After hearing rumors about HungryFeed being a resource hog, I did some tests and wrote a report about it :

    • @Carina
      I agree Hungryfeed is not a resource hog – I would surmise anyone finding a big increase in page load time should consider the source of the feed (for offsite RSS feeds). There’s nothing one can do about offsite feeds – unless it’s your own site as well.
      The client I mentioned was hosting with a very poor service (I’ve moved his site now) and Hungryfeed didn’t impact his site badly even with that host

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