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Talking Shop – My New Blog

Talking ShopToday I posted my first articles on Talking Shop. Talking Shop or Shop Talk is the blog for my new newly opened PC Technology Store. It is not about reviews, at least this is not the intention. Product reviews are published using web site pages instead of posts…

Talking Shop is more about general computer industry related topics, possibly occasional announcements of special offers and new product releases worthy of mention. The first posts discuss the current time being a good time to upgrade a PC, and why I think it is better to ‘buy up’ when purchasing a PC system.

Talking Less can be More:

Right now, I intend to keep most of the posts on Talking Shop short and sharp, limiting content to between 300 and 400 hundred words. I consider fewer than 300 bad for search engine ranking. More than 400 hundred words detracts from the purpose of  ‘Talking shop’ – brief quick articles that may be remembered by shoppers for PC equipment.

Of course Talking Shop is a commercially oriented blog… Articles will be business related rather than technical and so may not appeal to everyone’s taste. At the same time I do not intend the blog to become an advertising platform. Anyone who has read some of my older posts on THIS blog will know I am not fond of advertising (strange considering I spent nearly ten years in the advertising related industry, but maybe that is why).

Why do we Talk Shop

I think all of us talk shop at times, especially if we enjoy our work. No doubt it becomes boring to people who are not part of the job, not involved in the industry we discuss… We spend so much of our lives working, it is only natural our work intrudes into our conversations. I know I must often bore acquaintances with chatter about the websites and computers I work on.  Hopefully I haven’t bored you by talking shop with this post.

Talking Shop – Mystique Theme Showpiece

Talking Shop presents the WordPress theme “Mystique” in a very favourable light. The first stage of the site build showed Mystique used for a website, the shop talk blog content now gives an idea how effective this theme can be for blogging as well.

Summary of First Talking Shop Posts:
  1. Good Time to Upgrade Some reasons I consider this is a good time to upgrade PC equipment
  2. Buying Up In my opinion it is better to buy a better PC than necessary at the time.


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