IDXPro MLS Not Working

What is

IDXPro MLS Realty SearchIDXPro is a Multi Listing Real Estate tool from for Estate Agents. Realtors can embed the tool in their websites, giving clients access to a comprehensive list of available properties.

IDXPro is one many MLS search tools available to realtors. I am not a USA based realtor, so I cannot compare the quality of the service of any of these search facilities, however, a client who is a realtor in California considers the service excellent (apart from one unfortunate aspect – below).

So why am I writing about this MLS utility? Firstly, I am working on the mentioned clients website. Secondly, IDXPro has a free WordPress Widget. Thirdly, and most importantly there is one problem with the service  realtors intending to use this MLS must know about before parting with cash for subscription fees.

Problem with Multi Listing Service

IDXPro will not serve the embedded search utility to regions outside of a very selected approved list!  multi listing serviceI am not talking about realtors based outside of the USA, I’m talking about visitors to a realtor’s website using the service. They are NOT PERMITTED to see the search box. in a fit of Xenophobia have decided anyone residing outside of a handful of regions they like, may not even see the tool!

Possibly this is of no concern to many of their service subscribers. It is definitely of concern to some, including any realtor who hopes to attract buyers from outside of the approved regions – i.e. 95% of the world’s population.

Another thing a realtor considering IDXPro MLS  must consider – the failure to load the search box can and does cause very slow page loads – the script is not contained in the footer region, nor does it load asynchronously. The result is a page loads partially, then stalls until the server times out, before loading the rest of the page. The failed load also can disrupt page layout, leading to a very unprofessional portrayal of their subscribers website, hence their business image.

IDXPro make a poor excuse they stopped international access because of an “excessive number of false registrations”. Strange this seems to be the only MLS service to do so – other much larger and busier MLS service don’t waste time limiting regional access, they get on with the business of providing their subscribers with a high quality multi listing real estate service… More likely the company is owned by bigots with racist beliefs – the only countries able to veiw MLS feeds are Euro-centric / Caucasion ethnic. Website Blocked

The block is not only on the script – their entire website, as well as one or two related sites falling under their ambit are also blocked… In fact, to have a look at their site I had to use an US based proxy server…

They also do not respond to e-mails from outside their chosen regions – even though the mail I sent them was via Extremely un-professional conduct!

Full Disclosure of Terms of DIXPro Required

The company is of course free to conduct business in this way, and I have no issues with their choices. However; they have a responsibility to disclose this practice before clients sign up for their service.

Their website makes no mention of blocking most of the worlds internet users. In my understanding, this restriction can only be discovered by direct communication with an already registered (and paid) client.

IDXPro WordPress Plugin Dropped from WordPress Repository?

The IDXpro WordPress plugin is likely to soon be removed from the plugin repository at One of nearly 500 plugins that do not comply with GPL licence standards. As this plugin is marked “Private” and clearly does not comply with GPL licence requirements, I am certain it will be removed. Secondly, the plugin has ZERO functionality unless a paid for account has been created with IDXpro. Thirdly, the service provided by IDXpro is not available to the wider WordPress community in any form, either developer, user or site visitor. Each of these factors place this plugin outside of the terms and conditions of compliance with policies.

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