13 Second Page Load Acceptable

New WordPress Site Loads in 13 Seconds

GoDaddy LogoI read a forum article the other day where a web site developer mentioned 13 seconds to load the front page for a new WordPress (self hosted) site was ‘acceptable’. The developer compared this to another build taking 18 seconds to load that he considered unacceptable.

Anyone who has installed a new, clean WordPress website will know the brand new front page has very little content to slow down a page load – all the time is used by the server reading from the database. I must question the knowledge of any website developer who finds thirteen seconds to load this clean install front page acceptable. Five seconds are pushing things already, less than two is acceptable!

If the server takes so long to read a database consisting of no more than a fresh WordPress installation, a single short page and a welcome post message, how long is it going to take to serve pages to visitors once there are 50 posts, 100 posts, 1000 posts?

GoDaddy of Course

The forum topic was about GoDaddy Hosting for WordPress. My reason for looking for articles on the subject; I have a client’s website hosted on GoDaddy shared hosting, and I have never found a worse hosting service.

GoDaddy Shared hosting is slow! I cannot speak about dedicated hosting as I have no knowledge of dedicated hosting performance on GoDaddy. WordPress does not need much in the way of server performance, yet I noticed they offer an auto install for Drupal as well. If their service is barely functional for WordPress, Drupal will fall over.

Granted, the time taken to serve pages does vary (at least with the client’s website) from fairly good during what I take are quiet periods (24h00 to 08hoo EST) to awful during peak periods. Clearly this is one Distributed Hosting solution that has not been configured correctly. They would have done better to use multiple single servers and limit the number of sites on any particular machine.

At one time WordPress.org included GoDaddy in their list of recommended hosting solutions, they no longer do… Not surprising!

GoDaddy Hosting Terrible Interface

Accesing the website files and folders with GoDaddy’s interface is not a pleasant experience. The user account is not seperate to the Control Panel, instead one was to wade through ambiguous pages to find how to get to the control panel. Everything seems designed to discourage clients from using control panel. And once in the admin panel, the range of things one can do is limited.

Give me C-Panel any day… A simple log-in takes you straight to the C-Panel admin page, from where everything can be done, File Management, e-mail admin, sub-domain creation, database (PHP admin) database management, and if required Fantastico auto installer. (Options do however depend on the hosting service).

No GoDaddy LogoNo nonsensical additions; domain auctions, product promotions, etc. What web manager wants a link to ‘domain auctions’ in their web management console? Fine from the account profile page, possibly. Who wants promotional adverts in a web management interface? This is not public television.

“Like a Las Vegas casino, everything on their website is designed to extract as much money as possible from visitors as possible”. (AKA Upsell Hell) Go Daddy Domain Name Alternative (Success Creations) .

Apart from taking ages to open the management console, the web site management tools are slow. FTP, if one can call it that is painfully slow. Page refreshes are also slow, very slow…

13 seconds? Get a better hosting solution

A new WordPress site should load almost instantaneously! Every install I have done on the hosting service I use (Afrihost.com) does. I have several of my own WordPress sites running on sub-domains with a Drupal site on the primary domain. The server configuration is totally optimised for Drupal either with only 100MB memory allocation yet the Drupal site loads faster than 13 seconds on average, serving un-cached pages. The WordPress sub-domain sites take much less than 13 seconds even when caching is off.

The only thing I can say to anyone experiencing this poor server performance on GoDaddy or any other hosting service is to get a new provider. Entry level hosting is cheap. A dollar or two saved is hardly significant over the benefits of acceptable performance. Do you really need 10 or 15GB of storage space for a single site. If so then shared hosting is probably not the best choice anyway. Do you need unlimited data transfer at the expense of slow page loads?

If your website or blog is so busy data traffic exceeds 3 to 5 GB /month, then you need to look at a business level package anyway.

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