Should I use Google Webmaster Tools

Should I use Google Webmaster Tools?

YES, you should! Google Webmaster Tools is a suite of useful utilities to help get your website rocketing. First of all, you can submit a sitemap – or as many sitemaps as you want, confirm Google bot is able to read the file, and there are no errors in the file, e.g. to broken links or missing content. If you don’t use any of the other webmaster tools, sitemap submission is essential.

Then there are other useful tools; You can monitor for Broken Links Google has indexed (broken links will really harm your site ranking if left unattended.) You can ask Google to delete entries from the index. Webmaster Tools can tell you how Google bot crawls your site; if there are access problems for the bot or page load speed issues. You also get Google Plus1 analysis.

Webmaster Tools Does Not Replace Analytics

Google Webmaster Tools is a totally different thing to Google Analytics. Analytics should perhaps be called Stats, as it deals largely with site statistics, although there is more to it than just stats…

The graphic below shows the main page, and on the left the list of available tools.

Google Webmaster Tools Main PageWebmaster Tools for WordPress

Signing up for for Google Webmaster Tools is explained in detail in Google “Webmaster Tools for WordPress“. The article is written for self hosted blogs, however many of the steps apply to adding a blog. The only difference is already has the field to paste the ID code.

I am not going to repeat the sign-up procedure and how to get an ID (verification) code for Webmaster Tools, instead will just show the field to use for blogs.

Google Webmaster tools for

Navigate to your blogs “DASHBOARD/TOOLS/AVAILABLE TOOL” page where verification code for Google, Yahoo and Bing is added.

Paste the code provided by Google, and save.

Go back to your Webmaster Tools account, click “Verify“, and you are ready to begin using this useful utility from Google.

Add Blog Sitemap

The first thing you should do is submit your blog sitemap using Webmaster Tools. Click the “Add Sitemap” link, then enter the URL to your sitemap.

Sitemaps for blogs use this URL

Webmaster tools sitemap submissionHave fun exploring all the other utilities. It’s a good idea to check your Tools Dashboard regularly so any problems found can be fixed before they harm your blog’s SEO.

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