No Link in Spam Comments

Where are the Spam Comment Links?

I have recently come across a trend that makes no sense whatsoever. Spam comments on with a non-existent backlink. We all know moronic spammers try to post comments on for backlinks to their trash websites, so why are they posting bad links?

Take a typical spam comment, a line or two of badly written English, an email address if required – useful to check if an apparent borderline comment is spam. At least one outgoing link, even if only in the ‘website’ field. It looks like spammers have finally realised many blog authors activate the “mark 2 or more links as spam” setting.

Checking another blog’s spam folder  today six of these were found (out of a total of 16 spam comments; a high percentage. I could see from site visits on the days the so-called comments were posted these were almost certainly spambot generated; comments on posts that had not been viewed for several days before and after.

Spammers Intelligence Spammed?

Have these spambot authors totally lost touch with reality. Has sitting at a terminal finally overwhelmed their small insignificant minds? Quite likely. Writing spambot code and the text ‘comment’ it uses can only be an awfully boring activity. Those poorly paid Asian spamming sweatshop workers must feel really useless and unwanted at the end of a long working day.

Another strange spam comment found today also puzzled me. Not only was the website link to a non-existent site, the comment asked for information about the theme used so he could use it on his own site… The request was in fact well written, not obvious spam, so I decided to help the commenter out and e-mail the info (link  to download page). Guess what – the e-mail address (**** doesn’t exist.

So what was the point of this request. If the intention was to get the comment posted for the link, surely the link should work? If the person wanted information, why use a fake e-mail. Or did the commenter think a reply would be published. Maybe some would do so, however there’s no better way to reduce search engine value for a blog page than to post comments that have no relevance to the topic of the article.

In any case, the blog in question has a ‘contact us’ form for such requests – makes sense to use it for information doesn’t it…

Spammers! A strange breed of… human

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