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This must be the most ridiculous help request I have ever received via this blog. Note the items I marked-up in bold.

I need your service for the following: I have a big problem. A whole bunch of sites have come across a massive problem. Over the past 4 days I have been uploading 10 sites per day. The sites that I loaded up 3 days ago have started to disappear from their positions. I am just cautious that I don’t want to keep uploading sites if they are not going to stick:

One example site is: Vodafone Contact – this site was uploaded on the 20th November, and the URL was added to Google on the same day. On the 21st November in came straight in on Page 1 – Position 8. ( only 1 day later) Then today 24th November it has disappeared. I put it down to the Google dance (does that still happen?) It can’t be the lack of content on the site, because I have another site almost identical, which I did not add the URL to Google (could that be the problem), I just let it index naturally, and had a few backlinks added to it, and that one has stuck big time. The site is The same goes for this site: and even has crept from page 2 slowly onto the bottom of page 1. They have seriously firmed up, with similar content to the ones that have disappeared.

I really need a plan to make these new sites stick. As it is pointless buying new urls, only to have them disappear 3 days later. I have a roll out target which is 2,000 sites all of which I would want your help on. We just need to find a way for these sites to not come on and then disappear.

We could both earn a lot of money out of this project, just need to get it 100% right from the beginning. I know your probably really busy, but if you could please spend a bit of time looking into this for me, it really will be worth your while. Its a shame you’re not in the UK, otherwise we could have met up.

Kind regards Mark

(edited, abridged, speling corrected and some changes made to mentioned names)

Even the help request shows typical characteristics of a spammer; numerous spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and of course the motivation to ‘make money’

Google Anti Spam Victory

Well Mark, there is no mystery at all; your sites are being correctly identified by Google for what they really are – SPAM or MALWARE sources. You are using misleading site names – note the use of real companies with ‘contact number’ as part of the site name – to catch internet users looking for real contact information for these companies

For your information, the IP address of sites you mention ‘having ‘stuck’ in Google SERP are black-listed as a source of SPAM, PHISHING or MALWARE. No doubt your activities have contributed to this state – I sincerely hope this is your own server, and not a shared hosting server as all the other sites sharing the IP will be adversely affected.

Anyone trying to create the number of websites you mention – 10 per day, with the intent to create 2000 sites – can only be considered a spammer.

Dangerous Websites

However, of greater concern is the attempt to mislead internet users by using real company names as part of the site name… The only reason anyone will do this to illegally obtain personal details (phishing) or spread malware (viruses, spyware and trojans).

I sincerely hope the Google Anti Spam Team continues to successfully identify every site you create and remove them completely from indexing. I also hope the local authorities investigate you for possible cyber criminal activities.

No help Provided for Malicious SEO

Mark, the only help you will get from me or my company is the help this article provides – a public warning to other internet users to be aware of any website using a company name and contact number in an attempt to mislead…

No reputable company will ever be associated with a website name similar to those you mention. The only website operators who will ever use that type of domain name are those with criminal or malicious intent.


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  1. Glad to see you and Google are on the case.

    Hopefully, it’ll cost this Mark guy more in URLs than he’ll ever make spamming.

  2. um….wow! That’s my only comment to that letter!

    • That was my first impression too – No doubt the reason it took me so long to decide what to do with it (received in November).
      Happy New Year to you and yours – Mike

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