Last Job 2011, First Job 2012

Clearwater Beach Website Re-vamp

Clearwater Beach PropertyThe last job of 2011, which is also the first job for 2011 started yesterday. Clearwater Beach Real Estate, a Florida based real estate company needs their website SERP  improved. This job is a holistic web management undertaking that includes on-site optimisation of content and code, upgrading basic site security, structural changes and improvements to the visual impact of the website.

A few of the areas under the microscope include simple security improvements (why do commercial theme authors violate the most basic recommendation that no mention should be made of WordPress CMS anywhere in the code or text content, and add admin links to the footer area?), several page and menu items needing nofollow attributes, a more organised primary navigation menu, a feed from an external site (required) that is wrecking page load speed – it takes more than 30 seconds to load, and stops the rest of the page loading (That one is going to be fun to fix… might need a code hack to force it to load last!)

We will also be upgrading the visitor experience, improving the appearance of the site, especially the front page, and significant section main pages (‘Landing Pages’ although the term is not strictly correct as every page is a landing page).

Another important task is changing the URL structure for blog items – removing tha date based references in favour of a more appropriate URL structure. This is an interesting aspect, as the site is WP 3, yet the new option for custom post URLS does not appear on the Permalink management page – likely being over-ridden by the theme… (in fact too much is over-ridden by Thesis Theme)

Clearwater Beach Real Estate Content Optimisation

Over the next several months we will be looking at existing as well as new content, and where necessary re-writing for improved results. The owner of Clearwater Beach Real Estates wants the site to get better SERP than at present.

As I am always telling my clients, good SERP is mostly about quality, unique written content. Attention to SEO details must be undertaken in a lgical manner. Yes, key phrase density plays a role – if used carefully. There is no point in spamming content with keywords, the use of these must fit in with the flow of the information on a page.

The goal of our task is to get a significant percentage of content to place well in SERP. Another goal, more important perhaps than our primary involvement, is to enable the owner to produce optimised content himself. The content we will optimise will serve as an example of how this process can be achieved, without resorting to perpetual SEO services.

Blog to Website:

Part of the optimisation process will be changing the basic site emphasis from a blog to a website. Mostly this will involve concentrating on pages for primary content, and blog articles (posts) for news type and supporting content items. An important part of this changeover will be de-selecting comments for pages as  a default setting. Comments are great for blog type articles, but can wreak havoc with search engine content ratings.

We will also look at adding several new content types. This is another strange thing about the very expensive Thesis Theme – The available content types are extremely limited – only the most basic post type for posts, and a choice of default, or no-sidebar for pages. For a really expensive theme, this is puzzling to say the least. There are numerous free themes that offer much more… (Before all the Thesis pundits start posting their objections – please go the my article (coming shortly) and comment there – comments on Thesis will not be published on this post).

Additional content types will give the site owner more options when creating content, and how this content is displayed.

Results expected in 3 months

We optimistically expect results to start showing in around three months. This is not an overnight SEO scam – Graphicline Web Management does not undertake that type of work. We will be undertaking the work over the next several months, and will continue into the middle of 2012.


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