Readomattic Retired

Prematurely RetiredToday is a  sad day in the annals of Readomattic has been retired.

Since I started blogging on Readomattic, the RSS aggregated feed of subscribed post tags has been one of the things I have really enjoyed, so it was saddening today to find this cryptic message on the linked page

“Readomattic has been retired. Subscriptions can be read on the home page.”

But can they? Sort of! No longer is there a useful concise list of the latest postings relevant to my entire list of subscribed tags, instead we now have to click on each of the tags to find what bloggers have been up to…

Worse still, the list is not collapsed, it includes teasers, visible not collapsed teaser… This is not something new, the reading pane has been around for a while, and I can honestly say I have seldom used it. Yes, it is very pretty, but is not as useful to me as Readomattic was…

Goodbye Readomattic

Goodbye to an old friend. Many hours spent looking through the quick views provided. Time out when no doubt I should have been doing other things, time out from working for some relaxation and mild distraction…

I have found many interesting posts and many interesting blogs through Readomattic, which I would not have discovered otherwise. I dare say I will be reading far fewer blogs and posts from now on… Sad for all the bloggers who take time to write on their blogs, no doubt we will all now be getting less traffic to our our blogs.

Readomattic Abused

I wonder if the abuse of by spammers had anything to do with the decision to cull this feature? Certain spamming business operations (the majority who seem to be in the SEO industry) have possibly benefited from the feed. At least these could be blocked – sort of anyway. The blocking never really worked, just highlighting the blocked blogs in pink – they should of course been totally blocked from appearing in the list.

Often these lists of multiple duplicated spam posts took up most of the Readomattic page list… Now what will happen – with a shorter list of expanded teasers, the spammers will be able to take up entire pages of previews for the tag they use….

New Feed Aggregator

Will we be seeing a new tag feed aggregator along the lines of Readomattic – I for one hope so. Confidence is low… The old Readomattic was too simple in appearance perhaps, lacking the frills that gave it the simple functionality it had. People want bells and whistle, eye candy and decoration.

We shall wait and see.

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