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Many site managers have asked what this traffic referrer is. The answer is simple. This is Google’s Translation Service.

Translate by GoogleSurprisingly the answer was not too easy to find considering this is GOOGLE! Many of us know the Google Translation Service: want to read a webpage in a language we do not know, Google Translate provides a very good translation to and from a range of international languages.

Lately this strange address has been seen in traffic statistics, as well as generating error messages for sites carrying Google AdSense advertising and sometimes users of the translation tool only get partial content when viewing a translated page.

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  1. In My Opinion it’s safe to authorize I am not aware of any script injection or other vulnerabilities in the genuine google translate sites.
    However, Google translate also users regional sites e.g. and among many others. Each will need authorizing if regular traffic is seen from these sub-domains. Also, it’s always a good idea to check the site is a genuine Google site (use reverse Ip/Domain lookup tools like
    Another thing you could do is embed Google Translate “on the fly translation” in your site. For WordPress GTranlate information see this article

  2. unauthorized site ->
    I just authorized the adsense account but it appears like that a few hours later. Is it dangerous if I authorize this site in my account?

  3. I think a lot of us get this idea when we first see it. Glad this helped

  4. thanks for the great share, i was considering this referral site as a spam or a bot.

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