The First Century

100 blog postsThis is my 100th post on this blog! Wow!

One hundred posts (well really only 99 as one of them was my Christmas image post, so that doesn’t count in my mind, but WordPress tells me this will be (is) number one hundred and who am I to argue…

When I started this blog did I think I would ever get to 100? The thought never crossed my mind. A few posts back when I noticed the new WordPress.com results (that side panel thing) for the first time and it told me I had achieved the milestone of 95 blog posts I was amazed.

Where did I find the inspiration, let alone the time to do all this writing? The time: Long hours behind the monster box, taking time out from other more mundane work activities, late nights… The Inspiration: Not always easy; there have been times when I simply cannot find anything worth writing about. Other times there are so many topics, often work related, that I don’t know which one to choose. Sometimes other bloggers give me an idea…

Worth it. Oh Yes! This blog has become an enjoyable activity. People actually seem to want to read my articles for some unknown reason! Some people even follow them. WordPress tells me more than 100 people follow me – another Wow!

So I guess I have to consider this blog a success. All these followers alone make it a success.

Centenary Successes

Lets look at the other successes this blog has achieved in getting to 100 posts

Google Loves This Bog

Google loves this blog (at least since Panda 2.5 worked its way through the crazy days of October). These days it often seems every post I publish goes straight to Google Page One SERP. They don’t all of course, but a satisfying percent do make it to the top of the list. Perhaps that is why I have spent so much time these past eight months. (Yes, My first article was posted only in May).

In fact for the past two months the biggest referer by far has been Google. Maybe they were listening when I wrote my articles on Panda 2.5 and decided to manually rank the blog. Of course they didn’t, that’s just me wondering why it does so well. After all there is no Black Hat (or any other) SEO operation working behind the scenes, and those guys would have us all believe unless we use their services our sites and blogs will never be found.

Search Engine ReferralsClick the image for fuller list of referrers…

After Google Stumble Upon has proven the biggest referer, with over 70 visits in a single day (at a time Google was not referring anyone during the Panda 2.5 panic era.

The Top Blog Posts

Some of the posts have even been viewed more than 100 times. Isn’t that amazing… More than 100 people found these pages interesting.

Posts with more than 130 readsClick the image for a full list of posts viewed more than 15 times

Even more amazing, the front page was viewed 1389 times. The other posts that achieved more than 100 views were:

The list continues with more pages about 8ta, W3C validation, Facebook scams, and the articles on Panda 2.5 coming in at over 50 reads…

Daily Visits:

The daily reads are all over the place, from 120 in September (more than 90 on the Generic 24 article) to as few as 3 in October after Panda… At least this has stabilised somewhat, although as the graphic for the last 30 days shows it is still very variable.

Blog stats for 30 days

Most use Search Terms

The most common search terms used to find the blog from search engines. These are the ones that seem to get to get page one in Google SERP. Oddly enough, that really long-term at the bottom of the list (that I only included because it’s such a strange search term!) gets first spot – even above Google’s own Webmaster Central Help page which only rates seventh?

The full list is so long it would need several pages…

trojan horse generic 24 130
trojan horse generic24 74
custom linkedin share button 50
generic24 45
who is viewing my facebook profile 38
generic24.pnt 30
generic24 trojan horse 26
who is viewing your facebook profile 26
8ta 3g review 25
8ta review 23
linkedin custom share button 23
trojan generic 24 21
8ta 20
generic24 trojan 20
custom linkedin button 19
8ta 3g 18
trojan generic24 14
rove digital 14
generic24.ceak 14
dtp samples 12
meta tags quick 12
generic24.zow 11
trojan horse generic24.zow 10
trojan horse generic24.pnt 10
openerp logo 10
trojan generic24.pnt 10
tell us more about what happened: what actions might have led to any penalties, and what corrective actions have been taken 6

What a great blogging 8 months… Likely more than 40 000 words (no, I haven’t counted them – if anyone feels like doing so please tell me the number) and around 274  graphics posted… (that was easy – the media library informs – thanks WordPress).

The Rest of the Time?

The past 2 months have seen a lot of words published online. As well as this blog, there’s the other sites and blogs. For the past 2 months I’m writing anything up to 15 000 words a week, mostly on technical subjects, or web code, spread over a range of sites, and a few other blogs too.


Now MAYBE WordPress will one day decide to feature one of my posts!


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