SEO Friendly Website Links

Creating SEO Friendly Outgoing Links

Many bloggers have other blogs and websites, and would like to have these links displayed on their plug. There are several ways to do this; the easiest is using one of the menu or blogroll widgets in a sidebar or footer

Custom Link Widget

Custom Link Widget

Many don’t realise however that having outgoing links from every page of your blog (or any website for that matter) reduces the value of these links to other sites. Google (and other search engines) do not like to see outgoing links to the same site from every page of a site or blog, and downgrade the link value. I previously mentioned having too many backlinks (Too Many Backlinks are Bad News) from a single domain being seen by Google Panda (Farmer update and 2.5) as possible  link farming.

Outgoing links also bleed page ranking from the blog or site pages, so we need to “nofollow” these links stop this loss of value to our pages. In fact, as I mentioned in Fix the Panda we should “nofollow” all outgoing links apart from those we want to let search engines know are important – in other words those pages we want to transfer page ranking to.

Creating a Search Engine Friendly Footer Blogroll

Custom RSS menu widget

Custom RSS Links Widget

As an alternative to using a pre-configured menu or blogroll widget, Bloggers can use a Text Widget with a bit of simple HTML to create a neat, compact list of friendly websites to display on every page of their blog (or website) This works perfectly on for blogs – the footer of this blog contains some of these widgets, one for my other websites, and one for a list of my RSS feeds, and possibly another for a list of sites I find interesting.

All these links have been “nofollowed” to prevent leaching away page rank, and preventing Google considering these as spam or farming…

Here’s how to do it:

The HTML code below, placed in a Text Widget, creates the list of inks shown in the images above:

HTML for WordPress link widget

HTML for Link Widget

You can download a text document (zipped file) from the below link

HTML for Text Widget Links v1.2 (23/12/2011)

Release Notes: Syntax error in converting from HTML to ASCII text fixed.


  • The margin settings are to offset the text description to the right of the image
  • href= the URL to your website
  • src= the full URL to the image. Image height and width are good practice attributes to always include when placing an image in a webpage – WordPress usually does this for you, but will not in this case…

Another benefit of adding your links this way is the ability to include an icon image, which the menu and blogroll widgets will not allow

Improving the SEO value of WordPress Menu Widgets:

Another thing you can do to stop page rank bleeding is to “nofollow” the links from a Menu or Links Widget:

Open the Menu Editing (Appearance/Menus) page. In the top right corner of the page there is a drop down menu “Screen Options

Screen Options Menu
Screen Options Menu

Select the check-box “Link Relationship (XFN). This adds another field to the link Menu editor. Open one of the menu items and there will be a new relationship field. Type nofollow in the field (without the quotation marks ” “) and click save. Save the menu and that link will include rel=”nofollow”.

Nofollow WordPress Menu Links

Nofollow WordPress Menu Links

These techniques are an excellent way to improve the ranking of your site and blog, and now when you link to your other sites from your posts or even better your blog pages, the value of the backlink is much greater.

This is real WHITE HAT SEO at work…

These custom menus can be used in widgets, or you can even do the same for your blogs main menu.

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