Mystique Theme Update

Mystique 3.2.9 Update Released

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Digital Nature recently released several updates to their Mystique theme for self hosted websites, starting with version 3.2 in December 2011. Since then several more updates follwed, the most recent being version

Invariably a version update to a theme is a cause for concern: Will the theme work with the site after installation? Will it break anything? Will I have to spend time re-configuring any settings or customisations?

It is always a good idea to read the release notes, as well as user comments first, and look for issues before continuing with an upgrade. This should be standard practice anyway for plugins, WordPress updates and themes.  There were a few comments left on the them page already mentioning some problems, so the update was first tested on a development site before installing on the live site Graphicline PC Shop.

Child Theme Prevents Problems with Update

The automatic update worked without a hitch on both the development and live sites. Best of all, no settings or customisations were lost! And that applies to version 3.2 and the minor upgrade 3.2.2 – I missed the 3.2.1. In fact I was downloading v3.2.1 when the later version downloaded instead…

Using a child theme nearly always helps prevent theme update problems. Reading through the user comments, it looks like most of the issues reported are a result of not using a child theme. Strange because version 3.1 automatically generates a child theme on installation that is activated as the default theme.

The problem users found with their widgets disappearing is due to ACTIVATING the theme update, instead of just returning to the theme page in WordPress.

Here’s the fix for the problem:

Re-activate the child theme!. It may look like the child theme is still version 3.1 – that’s only the title. After re-activating the child theme, go to Mystique settings and you will see the version reported is 3.2 – problem solved… all your missing widgets and customisations (if these were done correctly, not by hacking the theme master files) will be back again.

I have tested this on my development (offline) site and it works.

Update your Mystique theme without hassles

Just install the update – DO NOT ACTIVATE IT! Activating any theme de-activates the existing installed theme. This applies equally to child themes. When child themes are used for WordPress, the main theme files remain in the master theme folder, and only the custimiseable files are in the child theme (activated theme) folder.

A good rule of thumb to remember when customising any theme; if the theme being used does not automatically create or offer an option to manually create a child theme, make a copy of the theme and use that for your active theme – you can then manually replace customisations by copy and pasting your code hacks.

Experimental Atom Module Released

This latest update comes with an experimental Atom module (Ajaxify my Atom). NOTE: The module is inactive on installation and is clearly labelled EXPERIMENTAL! Use only on a non-production website. Hopefuly I will have time tomorrow to have a look at this module and give it a test drive… Exciting times indeed.

Download link for Mystique 3.2.2

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