NextGEN Gallery with Theme Mystique

Front Page Slider in Mystique Theme

Sorry all Mystique fans, this is only for self hosted WordPress sites. The theme, Mystique 3.1 from Digital Nature – the same people who developed the Lite version available on Word and as a download form, also have a free to use advanced theme available.

Mystique 3.1 is a very versatile theme that provides options usually only available from commercial (paid for) themes. Above all it looks good and works well.

Mystique NextGen Gallery selection
Mystique NextGen Gallery selection

However some new users can get confused by the slider settings… There are options to use two gallery plugins for the front page slider, Atom gallery or NextGen Gallery. The problem is the mentioned Ajax Gallery plugin cannot be located – a Google Search turns up nothing of relevance.

Create NextGen Gallery and Select

To use a gallery, you need to add a new gallery, upload images to use, and select the chosen gallery. Importantly, the images must be the required size (which can be changed in the Mystique Themes options panel). If these are larger than the required size, NestGen can be configure to re-size or crop the uploaded image to fit…

It is a simple process and works really well. I am using the theme and gallery plugin on an e-commerce website build that can be viewed at  Graphicline PC.

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