Site Deleted in Error

Saved by Backup

A careless mistake and 53 pages disappear into the lost bytes of cyber-space. I guess we’ve all accidentally deleted computer files at one time or another.

Today I was testing a number of WordPress configuration, trying to decide on e-commerce modules and themes, and one configuration I tried damaged the testing database… No problem, I simply deleted the installation, except I didn’t… I deleted a live site instead.

Tossing LaptopToo many long workdays,  too many late nights and a moments inattention; a click on the wrong installation and the entire site, files as well as the database got scrapped. I wondered why the deletion was taking so long!

I wish I could say I had been distracted, I cannot, simple carelessness was to blame.

Good Reason for Regular Backups

If there was ever a good reason for having an up to date backup of a website, I would have discovered it today had the CMS not been configured to backup the database everyday, and the entire file system every week. Fortunately for me, the latest database backup was from 03h45 SAST Saturday  morning, although the last file backup was from Monday morning, 6 days ago.

At least there are only around 30 or so image files to upload again, and links to the images to fix, not a big problem, and they’re saved on my local machine anyway.

Backup Your Website and Files

How many times I have been saved by backups. Damaged CMS databases, hacking attempts and malware; a recent backup saved the day. Even something as simple as a module update causing the content to disappear (Drupal users my know of this one). A simple database restore fixes the problem.

Not to mention computer files – damaged hard drives, corrupt operating systems, virus damage, not having a backup can cause hours, days or weeks of extra work, lost time, lost money.

Emoticon - The BossBackup your data, backup your files, backup your databases, backup your website… Backup Everything! NOW!

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