Warning Message from BackWPup Plugin

File not Readable Warning

BackWPup pluginIf you are using the WordPress (Self Hosted) plugin ‘BackWPup’ as a backup tool and get a warning message referring to a file being unreadable, e.g. [WARNING] File or folder ” ……../wp-content/plugins/easy-columns/tinymce/index.php” is not readable! It does not mean the plugin is broken.

The plugin returns this warning message if the file permissions do not permit the file to be read. If you examine the file permissions from your server file manager console, you will probably notice the ‘User – Read’ setting for the mentioned file is off. The file may have the value 2-0-0 or (possibly 1-2-0-0) which means it is writeable but not readable!

Change these values to USER-READ-WRITE or value 600 and the warning message will go away.

I have noticed this so far with the Easy-Columns plugin and the Theme ‘NomNom, changing the settings to 6-0-0 has not broken anything, and the file are backed up. If the file cannot be read they cannot be backed up!

Error Message Using DropBox

If you are using DropBox as a remote backup file store and receive an error message;

“Upload to DropBox now started…
[ERROR] Job restarted, bcause inactivity!
Try to sending backup file to DropBox…”

DropBoxThis is because DropBox is slow to respond. It is a common problem reported by users of the plugin. Once again it is not a problem with the plugin. DropBox can be extremely slow at times. I don’t know if their Paid For Service is any better, but the free service is at times extremely slow. (For the small use I make of DropBox I am willing to accept the inconvenience… eventually the backup file usually does get uploaded. – it is not worth my while to go for a paid for Cloud Hosting solution).

Try to reschedule backups for times the DropBox server is not busy. This can pose a bit of a problem for users in Europe and Africa – if we schedule our backups for a time our websites have the least traffic (In my case between 02hoo and 04hoo GMT, this possibly coincides with a time many US users are active, and Far Eastern users are starting to come online…

Plugin and Theme Folder Security

If you are concerned about these files being hacked if you change the settings – the best way to enforce security is through the server settings e.g. by denying access to the public with a .htaccess file. The ability to read the file is not in itself a security risk – only if the file can be written to by an external hacker (and the settings allow USER-WRITE permission – Which means the server and a logged in user can write to the file, person or machine cannot).

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