Missing Images

Image Links Broken?

Broken LinksAnyone who has linked to images on graphicline.co.za, as well as all sub-domains, may notice these are no longer displaying on their website or blog.

We at Graphicline do not mind you using and sharing our images (apart from company logos and a few copyrighted images). We have simply blocked external linking to images (HotLink Protect and Leach Protect) on our server to reduce server load.

Please download the image(s) used and upload them to your own server!

Do you have bandwidth problems?

If your site or blog is hosted on a server with minimal resources and low-bandwidth, we will assist you! Please contact us and let us know the page URL(s) where the images were used, and we will allow your domain to access these images again.

We will require a credit notification and a “follow-able” backlink to our website however, and your site or blog must meet the content guidelines stipulated. (No SEO related sites, Commercial sites, Spam sites, Advertising sites, Gambling sites, Content Farms, Link Farms). For full details about this policy read Graphicline Commenting Policy and GraphiclineWeb Advertising Policy.

Server Overload

Server is BusyOur hosting server is nearing the limit. (Dual Xeon with 16GB RAM – shared environment). Traffic to graphicline.co.za and some of our other sites has spiked in the last 6 weeks, with the result visitors have been getting server busy errors, and slow page load speed. (the domain ‘graphicline’ with sub-domains accounts for some 70% of server load and traffic on this server, at times more. We do not want to (cannot afford to anyway) switch to a dedicated server to host our sites.

We have also taken other measures to reduce server overhead, including linking to Google’s CSS resource and Adobe’s JQuery resource. The systems used for site caching have also been looked at, and we are testing different methods (modules and plugins) of caching our Drupal and WordPress sites.

The server has also been experiencing international bandwidth issues resulting from problems with the Seacom international data cable, causing a general slowdown for all servers using this connection.

Abuse of image links

Another factor is a few websites that have abused the image links. A handful of websites have linked to an unreasonable number of images – more than 60 in at least one known instance from a busy website.

If you need to free up your own server resources, we suggest you host your images on another server, or ‘in the cloud‘. You could also up-load your images files to picasa or another image hosting service. Using a server or domain you do not pay for or give credit to is unethical.

Linking to images of no benefit

External sites linking to images hosted on our domain is of no benefit to our sites. We do not get credit from search engines for links to image! Image folders have mostly been excluded from search engine indexing.


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