Jetpack Broken

Jetpack v1.2 WordPress Plugin Faulty

Jetpack Plugin LogoThe latest update for the Jetpack Plugin for self hosted WordPress CMS installations (from Automattic / has  several bugs. I updated the plugin used for from v1.1.3 to 1.2 this morning.

The first thing was a list of error messages. After de-activating and re-activating the plugin twice, the error messages had gone. Going to the plugin settings page, where here there are several new features available, the connection to had to be re-activated. Configured the options, then noticed that ‘Site-Stats’ had disappeared from the admin menu.

Back to the plugin settings page, and click the link to view site-stats – just got returned to the settings page.

I still had another menu page open that had not been refreshed since activating the plugin, and clicked the ‘site-stats’ link from here – message returned, ‘you do not have sufficient permission to view the page’ (logged in as administrator).

Site Stats Gone Common Issue

NOTE: THIS BUG HAS BEEN FIXED – see comments below!

Visiting the Jetpack Plugin Homepage there are a growing number of reports about this bug, as well as the installation error messages. Another user found that activating the plug-in broke the site admin resulting in ‘404’ ‘Page not found’ errors for all the site admin pages.

Some users have managed to get it work, after de-activating ALL installed plugins, configuring the Jetpack plugin, then activating the other plugins individually. Not an ideal solution to the bug.

There are also reports of conflicts with another plugin Viper007Bonds “Dashboard: Scheduled Posts”‘ breaking Jetpack 1.2. I am not using the  ‘Viper007Bond’ plugin so this does not apply in my case.

Another user reports the plugin messes up the theme layout

The fault report forum is getting new posts every few minute, clearly the plugin is broken, and should not be used on production sites yet.

Roll-back to Jetpack 1.1.3

Instead of trying to fix the bug, I took the easy route by deactivating v 1.2, and deleting all the plugin files, then downloading and re-installing v 1.1.3 from (

This solved all the problems, no error messages, and ‘site stats’ is working again. should remove the plugin from update notifications, and list it as an unstable beta version until the bugs are fixed. Non-technical site owners performing an update may not be able to deal with the problems.

Until the bug is fixed, I suggest only using v 1.2 on non production sites.


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  1. Howdy,

    Both of these issues should be fixed in the new Jetpack 1.2.1 release.

    You can update Jetpack in your dashboard or download the new version here:

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