Spammers Hitting WordPress Again

Jasa SEO is a Black Hat SEO Company

All website owners looking for SEO services are advised to avoid Indonesian based Jasa SEO. They are actively practicing ‘black hat SEO’ techniques which can get your website downgraded or even banned from Google’s search results.

The operation uses multiple web addresses (URLS) which I am not going to provide here; a simple Google search for Jasa SEO will expose these URLS.

This black hat operation is also using blog spam to generate backlinks and leads to the websites run by their unethical low quality business.

Jasa SEO is a low quality operation; the content used in these spam blogs is so poorly written, full of outrageous spelling and grammar errors, that Google will not rank the content. If this is an indication of the type of service they offer to their customers, anyone paying for their services is getting ripped-off.

Jasa SEO Spammers Target

Today this black hat spam company embarked on a multi faceted attack on, creating multiple blogs using several sets of duplicated content. Their posts were tagged SEO and possible other related tags. In less than 90 minutes the spammers produced posts from spam blogs listed in the graphic below:

Jasa SEO Spam Blogs
List of Jasa SEO Spam Blogs

This list may not be complete!

This type of spamming by commercial operations carries a risk to ALL WordPress bloggers. Less than 6 weeks ago, we saw the results of Google’s Panda 2.5 algorithm that resulted in numerous blogs hosted by disappearing from Google SERP. While many of these blogs have now recovered their status, a lot of time an effort has been invested by blog authors to get their work back into the search engine’s results.

SEO is Unneccessary

No quality website or well written blog needs SEO services. TheĀ  SEO industry would have everyone believe they are a vital link in the chain to search engine success. This industry is largely overwhelmed with charlatans and fraudsters trying to fill their pockets with your money for totally unneeded services.

The only ‘optimisation’ needed to gain good search result placement is original, unique, high quality content that is well written. Nothing else will produce the same level of results. Hundreds or thousands of backlinks from irrelevant content and low-grade sites are worthless.

I have previously written on blogs and forums advising site owners to fire their SEO service, and hire a PROOFREADER proficient in the language used for the website or blog to get their web content as optimised as possible – language use, spelling, grammar and readability!

Server optimisation (improving the server performance) is more beneficial than a fortune spent on SEO, and no SEO service can optimise your server – that is for your ISP or server manager to do.

Spamming Violates WordPress T&C

Spamming is a violation of the terms and conditions of use of this blogging platform. Spamming by commercial business to drive traffic to their website is another violation of the terms of use.

I do not like being a ‘blog policeman’. I have seen outbreaks of this nature before – the last aimed at publicising SEO services was in August and early September, just before Panda 2.5, intended to drive traffic to Kindle Fire products on This time I felt I had to report these spammers.

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  1. Thanks for this, Mike. I have noticed a big increase in spam comments lately. Thankfully, Akismet does a good job of flagging them, as I’ve probably had at least 100 – 150 this month alone. I think what you are referring to is a bit different than what I’m dealing with (and am posting to my blog about), and I cam across you through a Google search for “Black Hat SEO WordPress Comments”. However, the concept is somewhat the same. Certainly, the quality of writing is similar, eh?

    Anyway, since the majority of readers tend not to comment, I thought I would acknowledge your post, as well as thank you for fighting the good fight. Happy New Year!

    • You are so right Rick, Aksimet does do a good job… Can’t catch the sploggers though… does seem to a big target for spammers, the comment spammrs and the sploggers. The crowd i mentioned in this article – Jasa SEO – have had several spamming binges – the most recent was three weeks back – WordPress Anti Spam team caught them immediately that time – within 15 minutes or so of their first batch of spam blogs being created, they had been suspended.

      This blog was becomming a heavy target for comment spammers a few months back – hence turning off comments for casual visitors. I have too many other things to do – managing 6 of my own sites and blogs as well as this one, and my customers sites and a few clients blogs as well. My company website is also a big target for spam bots and hackers – seen from the access denied and 404 error report – so blocking IP’s and domains is also part of the days work.

      I guess that’s the price to pay for good SERP results!

      Thanks for the New Year wishes, and from me a very happy New Year to you as well. (And Confusion to the spammers – may their keyboards wear out)

      I will read through more of your articles in a few days – working tonight.

  2. Spammers blocked: Subsequent to the report sent to the WordPress anti-spam team, the spam blogs included in the list were suspended the same day.
    Prompt action by WordPress = a very unsuccessful attempt to ‘SEO’ their websites.
    Thanks Anthony…

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