Fun with Spammers

Spammers are Losers

It has been a while since I mentioned spam commenters… This blog get’s very little these days since restricting commenting to logged-in visitors only. A vast improvement from the days of finding 50 or more spam-bot or manually generated nonsense in the spam folder.

Rubber-stamp-out SpamHowever, some of the blogs I manage for others get these spam comments. The ones I mention are still small, written by occasional bloggers, and I just take care of formatting, graphics, proofreading and admin tasks on behalf of the authors.

Last week I was doing the rounds of these blogs, checking the comments, and found a number of comments which were complimentary, short remarks even relevant to the topic of the posts concerned, but with outgoing links all over the place. I decided to have a bit of fun with the spammers, and approved their comments – after editing!

The net result – the spammers are all-round losers.

Editing the Spam Comments

First off the links had to go… The rule is simple, links from spammers are bad news, even if “nofollowed” – who knows what dangerous malware is on the linked to page. I really do not want visitors to these blogs to click the link (or even copy and paste to their browser) and end up getting their computers infected with a trojan or virus. So the links were deleted entirely.

And not only those links in the content – the urls used in the user name, e-mail, website fields as well.

Then I looked at the content itself; considering the importance correct language use plays in Google’s content rating algorithm, spelling and grammar errors had to be corrected. (These spammers got free proofreading and copy correction – a service my company gets paid to provide)

Spam the E-mail Addresses

The e-mail addresses got left in place and published… Any visitor reading the comments is free to harvest the spammers e-mail and send them as much junk mail as they like – is that small-justice or not.

email address

Of course no-one is likely to do that, apart from the mail bots trawling the web for e-mail addresses, and the asian sub-continent sweatshop employees getting .001 cents for each e-mail they harvest.

In any case, the e-mail addresses provided were most likely fake, or just un-used addresses created simply as junk mail repositories. That is a win-win situation for me – if the spammers mail addresses are genuine, they get harvested and sent junk-mail, if they are fake, they get added to a mailing list and spam mail sent from those using the list end up in a cyberspace black hole.

Just a distraction

“No, I haven’t suddenly found extra time to waste with spammers – occasionally a break from the usual work routine is worth more from the amusement (relaxation?) than plodding along when the concentration level is already waning.

In fact, the past 10 days have been more stressful than usual – broken equipment and setting up temporary systems equals time lost, two power outages in two days equals another 21 hours of work time lost, running around looking for replacement parts more time out. And that time has to be made up…”

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  1. HA! I love it!

    Speaking of spammer email addresses. Fresh, this morning, from’s filter:

    May it receive a million pieces of spam.

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