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KL Makes Sense about “Optimisation”

This article caught my attention;  Content Optimization vs. Search Engine Optimization Well written, with an eye for human readability (I seem to remember reading somewhere this is exactly what Google is developing their algorithms to find).

KL’s logical approach makes sense with a balanced discussion of practical ways to establish web site authority.  “Content Optimisation” in my opinion is going to become the cornerstone of the industry in a post Panda 2.5 world. A good proofreader is of greater benefit to the website owner than a fortune spent on optimisation services

If Google is looking for well written content for human readers, this blogger has the formula. I glance through Readomatic regularly, seldom going any further unless something grabs my attention. This one did. There you have it, it caught my “mental algorithm’s” attention. Not an easy task either; some days my eyes grab snapshots of several hundred articles on diverse topics, only those that stand out get speed read,  only the good ones from those get studied. Not much difference between me and the Google search spider these days.

Not SEO Shark Trash

This is not one of those series of rubbish articles written by ‘seo sharks‘. Those are poorly conceptualised, lack understanding of what the algorithms are looking for, written in such Real search optimisationbad English Google will simply discard the content as unreadable trash; just shoddy advertising copy for a dodgy service based on mis-construed industry dogma with the sole purpose to mislead site owners into parting with their cash.

Google seems to be taking active measures aimed at weeding out these shady “SEO” operators (about time too – I hate to think how many people are being conned into a never-ending cycle of “optimising” their sites every time Google sneezes).

Content Optimisation works

When I look at the results from the sites in my portfolio, the top results – page one SERP – are for content, not SEO techniques. It surprises me occasionally when a page or an article gets into the top spot with little or no attempt at “optimisation” other than basic good practice, just content related to the search terms used.

Content Optimisation works, If you are reading this article, and not from Readomatic, or a regular visitor, then there is a good possibility you found this blog from a search engine, from one of the articles fairly high up in SERP, maybe even near the top of page 1.

Have a look at the top 20 Google results (the results, not the first 20 pages). Ignore the sponsored ads, Google Ads and so on, then ignore those pages carrying Google AdWords in the sidebars or elsewhere – most of those are just trash anyway. The ones left will likely be the pages where you will find the information you need. They are content rich and human readable.


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