Back in Google after Panda

Blog back in Google SERP

Finally, after almost a month of no results from Google, GraphiclineWeb is back in Google SERP and getting placement in the first page of results for several articles. Since yesterday I noticed an increase of traffic referred by search engines, and this morning the green, red, yellow and blue icon made an appearance again.

Google and Stumble results for weekOnly in a small way, but I had come to the point of moving this blog to a self hosted domain; yesterday I began the process by setting up a WordPress installation.

Perhaps I should have been more patient, but after 3 weeks of getting more traffic from StumbleUpon, Bing and Yahoo, I had concluded there was no other option. Yesterday I started a post announcing the decision, and only held off publishing until the new blog was online.

Clean-Up Efforts Succeed

Did the drastic measures taken to clean up the blog pay off; I would like to think so. The action taken included removing external links from sidebar widgets and menus, removing external RSS feeds from appearing on the blog, and a look at content to correct spelling and grammar mistakes.

Even the twitter feed had to go. Anything I could not set rel=”nofollow” for was removed, except in the case of a few links from content, and even here many of these links have been “nofollowed”.

Content Editing for Panda 2.5

Extra attention given to duplicated content. While there was no real duplication, some posts on similar subjects had a few paragraphs that could be seen as duplication. These were edited to ensure they were more unique. Posts referring to content on other sites was given the same treatment.

Similar attention to spelling and grammar: I am not a professional proofreader – I work with an external service provider to proofread and edit customer website content, as well as the occasional piece of my content, which of course is paid for. WordPress has a built-in spellchecker that is useful, although it only uses US English and I write UK English, so MS word is regular used to check content; a second opinion.

Correct spelling and grammar is a strong requirement following Panda 2.5. A good thing too; I am tired of seeing all the poorly written content on blogs and websites. If for no other reason, Panda gets a grudging vote for this.

Originality of Content

It does seem strange being concerned about originality – all content on this blog is original, written by yours truly. However several articles were copied to other sites! One would think it is a simple matter for a search engine to look at the publishing date and time. Apparently not always, engines can rely on the indexing date and time!

I made a determined effort to claim original material. Several articles had been re-posted verbatim on other sites, and suddenly appeared in Google SERP ahead of the original articles. The articles (on this blog as well as my other sites) were claimed in my Google profile… (On my other sites where I can do so, copyright and author meta tags are being included). The anti plagiarism notice now appearing on this blog has to some extent deterred outright copying of content.

Reconsideration request:

A final note: a request for Google to re-consider the blog was submitted.


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