Too Many Backlinks are Bad News

Backlinks can harm your Website

I’m listening to all those backlink farmers screaming. But it is a fact, too many backlinks from a single domain will not do your site any good at all.

Consider this example. A site with more than 5700 backlinks from 51 domains, several considered authoritative sites. Wow you say, that must be a really strong site. Well yes it was. It got clobbered by Panda 2.5 – In one day from page 1 Google SERP to who knows where!

Where’s the problem you ask. The problem is simple; 5432 of those backlinks came from a single domain –

Google right now is not looking at subdomains of – your blogs, it is aggregating all links from all blogs on the platform into a single domain.

The backlinks are to 45 pages on the site – more than 100 links per page. Now if that was from 100 sites it would be better. But 5400 links from a domain equals heavy link farming!

5432 backlinks

5432 backlinks

Where did these links come from?

RSS feeds, Facebook and Twitter feeds and menus. Every time a blogger creates a new post, every external link from the sidebars, footer bars and menu are copied as well. Self hosted WordPress and other major CMS platforms provide the option to ‘nofollow’ these links selectively.

Simply providing a feed and links to interesting or useful content for blog visitors made Google Panda 2.5 decide to hammer the website.

So here’s what to do. ONLY provide links to your website(s) from inside content pages. That way you won’t get penalised for link farming.If you have

Do not include RSS feeds from your site UNLESS you can ‘nofollow’ them; that goes for Twitter feeds and Facebook Page feeds if a high percentage of the tweets and Facebook postings include links to your website – as many business Facebook pages and Tweets often are.

Separate Blog and Site in Webmaster Tools

If you have separate blogs that will have a lot of links to your site, use SEPARATE Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics accounts. That way Google cannot connect the two together The bughowever vague the possibility may be, and consider it an SEO operation. (and use different connections, computers and Browsers just to be sure)

If you use Google Chrome – disable crash reporting and statistics gathering – it is enabled by default, Turn off cookies – and don’t accept cookies from Google – they track how you use Google Search. Just ignore the privacy policy, you won’t be reading these posts if Panda 2.5 hasn’t hit your blog or site, and if you believe the statements made in Privacy Policy, you probably believe in the Tooth Fairy¬† as well. Consider the total lack of transparency surrounding Google’s updates – they offer NO INFORMATION whatsoever. That’s like voting for a politician who says; “Trust me, it is better if I tell you only what I want to”

The same goes for Plus1 – ensure a wide selection of +1’s for other websites, not only your own sites. 1 in 10 to your own content may just pass muster (hopefully).

Outgoing Links

All those outgoing links from your blog are also no good. They will downgrade your blog. Remember you always want to have more incoming than outgoing links (just not a disproportionate number from a single domain!.

I suggest you look at your CMS site and blogs right now. Eliminate any excess outgoing links. Or nofollow these links if you can.

Diversify your own sites:

Use as many domains as possible to support your websites. Even create new domains and build sites if that is what it takes. Just keep them all separate.

Avoid known content farms like the plague – Sites like EzineArticles are really not much use these days. Any good content you create is going to be plagiarised heavily. You could end up with piles of links from low-grade content farms.

Now more than ever it is no longer a matter of quantity, only authoritative sites or other sites with good ranking count (preferably full of AdWords and Pay per Click Ads). The rest are just a waste of effort.

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